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"Life was easy back in the old days; Soul Crew ruled the streets, and nobody gave us any trouble. But since our leader got wasted, you gotta watch your back around here. Now I'm the boss of Neo Soul, but I have to fight to get any respect. Joe split off to do his own thing, and Zaimoku went back home to work for his father. Now every punk on the street wants to challenge me for the chance to be the new Number One. But I've got three big sticks that say I'm here to stay."

Yusaku Kudo (工藤 優作?) is a character from the fighting game Last Bronx, and is the leader of the Neo Soul bosozoku biker gang of Haneda Airport. In battle, he wields a pair of metal sansetsukon.

Once the Number Three man of the leader of the famous bosozoku gang Soul Crew, whose influence once united Tokyo's youth and kept the peace amongst the gangs throughout the city, Yusaku finds in the aftermath of his leader's death to take it upon himself to unite Japan's delinquent underworld once more through their philosophies of Free Soul, under the reunited remnants of the old Soul Crew and now run as the reborn Neo Soul gang in the Second All-Tokyo Street War. He fights his old comrade Joe as his rival and penultimate boss.