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"When my big brother Ken and I started the G-Troops, all we wanted to was practice our skills: survival game tactics, hand-to-hand combat, some commando weapons techniques. But the whole thing was training. Nobody was supposed to get hurt. But I guess word got out that the G-Troops could rock hard with the best of them. Then Ken got that "invitation" from the Redrum gang, and when he refused, they messed him up pretty bad. I haven't seen him since. So now there's nobody to take his place but me. I've been in some scrapes before, but nothing like this. The other guys in this tournament look pretty tough, and they've all learned their reps on the street. But I don't care about any of that, they can keep the stupid tournament. All I want is to get my hands on that Red Eye."

Yoko Kono (港野 洋子?) is a character from the fighting game Last Bronx, and the current leader of the military style martial arts and survival training group G-Troops, whose territory runs deep in Tokyo's metropolitan subway system. She wields a pair of tonfa in battle.


Originally forming G-Troops as a simple airsoft survival game group with her brother, as the economic climate worsened, Yoko and Ken gradually expanded the group's activities into military combat training. Though their expertise was sound, this unfortunately caught wind of the gang underworld. Forced into the All Tokyo Street Gang as her brother is savagely disfigured upon his refusal to participate, Yoko cares for nothing more but to pull through and weather any challenger that dares to confront her.