Xavier Pendragon
EternalChampions PortraitXavier sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Warlock / Alchemist
Timezone 1692 A.D.
Fighting Style Hapkido Cane Fighting
Stage Location Salem

Xavier Pendragon is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


Xavier was a humble scholar. After a year study and experimenting with alchemy, Xavier had discovered a mysterious, green compound of raw power. At the time, holy men of the church often accused scholars of witchcraft. One night priests with guards knocked on Xavier's door. Moments later he was dragged down to the town square and burnt at the stake on the false accusation of being a warlock and devil worshiper.

Fighting Style

Hapkido is a Korean martial art founded by Yong Shul Choi. Its style is a selective combination of several martial arts systems: power from Karate, leverage from Judo and Ki (spirit) from Aikido. Hapkido is distingushed by three essential techniques: passivity when opposing force, circular movements for countering and attacking, and absolute penetration of the opponents defenses.

For instance, if the force is strong, it must be met with a soft reception; if the force is weak, it must be met with a strong reception. This union of techniques establishes a fluid and perpetual rhythm as well as constant mobility. Almost all hits and defensive actions are performed with the cane, which is used in place of arms and legs.


When Xavier returned, the situation still didn't look good. He was being placed on the stake and didn't see how he would stop fate from dealing with him the death he had suffered before. Then like a thunderbolt it struck him. Xavier got the attention of his accusers and asked them if his equipment could be burned with him. His accusers felt all of Xavier's items were filled with evil so they had no objection.

When they placed the container that held the unlimited energy source near Xavier he was able to tap its power through the small shard of similar material he wore around his neck. Once all the power was absorbed into Xavier's personal crystal shard, the main power source exploded out in a massive force of energy.

The religious zealots that had been performing the witch burnings took the event as a sign that the final warlock had been killed and stopped the burnings and witch hunts. Xavier and an owl that appeared to be sucked in by the explosion were saved, but they were blown several hundred years into the future. The owl appeared to be a witch's familiar and quickly became a big help to Xavier in his new adventures.

At first, this was tough for Xavier to be a man out of time but after so many years of the contest he was used to it. He then discovered through the power he had absorbed time had become a vehicle and he used it to travel among man's greatest events.

Himself and the owl became dedicated to helping the Eternal battle the forces of the Dark Champion through this power and their combined talents.

Stage Theme

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