Vectorman 2

Vectorman 2 is the sequel to Vectorman, released in 1996 near the end of the Genesis' life cycle. Created by BlueSky software and published by Sega.


After saving Earth from Warhead in the previous game, Vectorman's sludge barge is targeted and destroyed by a missile. Vectorman escapes, parachuting down to the planet to battle with the Earth's multitudinous enemy; mutant insects. Now it is up to Vectorman to fight through the mutant bugs and find the most fearsome source infestation; the evil Black Widow Queen.


  • The Sega Channel hosted a morph ball contest directed to artists for a chance to get it seen in the game.
  • Vectorman 2 like 1, wasn't seen in Japan until a decade after it's release.
  • Stages in the first game are references, notably stage 16 Shout and Twist, is a misplacement of Stage 16 in the first game, Twist and Shout.

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