VectorMan is a platform game developed by BlueSky Software and published by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive in 1995.


In the year 2049, Earth has become so damaged due to littering, pollution, and toxic waste that the human race has left to seek out new planets to colonize. In an effort to repair the damage done to the planet, mechanical Orbots have been created to clean up while mankind is off exploring. Trouble occurs when the attendants of a powerful Orbot named Raster, who oversees the clean-up through a planetwide ComNet, accidentally connect a salvaged nuclear bomb to his master control circuits.

Raster renames himself WarHead and declares himself ruler of Earth, forging it into an instrument of death for the returning humans. VectorMan, another Orbot who is in charge of transporting nuclear waste to the sun for disposal, returns to Earth to find all the other Orbots under WarHead's control. Now, it's up to the transforming VectorMan to save the planet from the tyrant.


  • One of the few Sega Genesis games that received a cd remix of it's soundtrack, made by the games same composer, Jon Holland.
  • First advertised as a game contest to win big cash.

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