The Mighty Q

aka The Mighty Thunder

  • I live in Montgomery, Alabama (hate it here)
  • My occupation is Brawler, Beyblader, Redakai Trainer
  • I am Male
  • The Mighty Q

    SEGA Wiki Updates...

    November 23, 2011 by The Mighty Q

    Hello, everyone it apears that this wiki will be reciving New Updates on the homepage, background + pages/images!

    • The Homepage will be reciving new updates soon.

    • SEGA Wiki, will also bw reciving a cool Background that repesents all the SEGA Products.

    • The pages that have images will be moved to PAGENAME/Gallery, we do not want to spam the pages that have the info on it.

    • SEGA Wiki will have an new Wordmark soon!

    • There will be other updates soon!

    'NOTE: All these updates will be made by me, if you think 'you can create 5 out of 3 of these things please contact ME!

    -Thanks for reading, The Mighty Q (talk)

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