• Jaejae98

    nintendo wiki's dumb

    August 5, 2012 by Jaejae98

    hi im jaejae98 im new here. the other day i was online at the nintendo wiki and there was a blog post that said nintendo vs sega. now i didnt expect people to say sega because it was a nintendo wiki but they said was kind of stupid. the people there put that sega has only one series, sonic and that nintendo was more suppior cause they have more running series. WHO CARES. I said sega was better cause they have pretty fun games too. it doesnt matter if the series only had one or two games it matters if they are fun. now i know im a newbie and you guys are probally not gonna go with my next idea, but i think that someday we here at sega wiki (and other game companies wikis should go to nintendo wiki and tell them that nintendo isnt the only c…

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