Ulala Space Channel 5

Ulala as she appears in the first Space Channel 5 game.

Ulala is the star of the Space Channel 5 series. She is a reporter for Space Channel 5 and also an excellent dancer.


At the age of 12, Ulala was the sole survivor of a spaceship explosion, where she was rescued by a Space Channel 5 reporter. Ten years later, Ulala got a major chance at stardom by covering the Morolian invasion. After she exposed the corrupt Channel 5 CEO Blank as the one brainwashing the Morolians, Ulala and the rest of the galaxy sent Blank hurtling off into space.

Some time after the Morolian invasion, Ulala was sent to cover a series of attacks by an unknown dance troupe, who she later discovered were called the Rhytmn Rogues. After President Peace was kidnapped by the same dance troupe, Ulala and her boss Fuse, trying to catch a scoop on the Rythmn Rouge Leader, received a message from Space Michael that Space Channel 5 was under attack by the Rhytmn Rogues. Ulala and Fuse raced back to the station, and Ulala managed to save Space Michael from the Rythmn Rogues.

However, as they arrived in the core, the leader revealed himself as a person called Purge, who faced off against Ulala in a robot. Just as Ulala and Space Michael, along with other workers of Space Channel 5, were about to finish him off with a laser blast from the broadcasting ship, Purge reflected the attack back at Ulala. Fuse took the hit and went sailing down into the ship's core. Purge fled with the antenna of the station as the place began to explode. Space Michael and the rest escaped, but Ulala, who escaped with Noize, was distraught at Fuse's sacrifice.

Ulala and Space Michael then head for Purge's hideout, where they meet Pudding, Boss Moro (Hoorg) and Pine. After a while, Ulala manages to save reporter Jaguar from Purge's control. Ulala and the rest then meet Purge, who traps him and Ulala in a one-on-one dance off. Purge, however, then powers up with dance energy and Ulala was hurt by a powerful blast. However, with the help of her fans and friends, she was pumped back into action and battled Purge until he was on the ropes. Fuse then appeared, to Ulala's shock and everyone's surprise, and urged her to defeat the villian. Ulala and co. complied by sending Purge off into the galaxy.

Ulala is 22-years-old according to both games. Her favourite ice cream is cherry vanilla. She has great musical talents, being quite proficient with many instruments, including guitar, drums and keyboard, as well as singing.

Relations to other characters


Fuse is Ulala's boss and the director of Space Channel 5. He guides Ulala throughout the levels, and can be very strict on the poor girl if she messes up. However, he gives Ulala nothing but praise if she does well, and even becomes fascinated by her moves.

It is unknown how Ulala sees Fuse, whether a father or a brother figure, but she seems to care for him a lot. She rescued him from Blank's clutches in the first game and in Part 2, she was reluctant to escape the exploding station without Fuse. Judging that Fuse took Purge's hit for her, he clearly cares for her as well.



Ulala and Pudding face off

Pudding is UIala's rival reporter from Channel 42. In both games, she and Ulala face off in fierce showdowns for ratings. Whilst Pudding is rather arrogant in the first game, confident that she can beat Ulala, she seems to have gained respect for her rival in the second game. This doesn't stop her from gloating when she is winning, however.

In both games, Pudding ends up helping Ulala in order to defeat the villian at the end.