EternalChampions PortraitTrident sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Gladiator
Timezone 110 B.C.
Fighting Style Capoeira
Stage Location Shores of Atlantis

Trident is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


A gladiator named after the trident that replaced his hand, he was a hero to his race from Atlantis in the year 110 BC. As a master of capoeira, he represented his race of people in a battle against the Romans. Should he have won, then his people would receive share of land alongside the Romans; however, due to a Roman gladiator's treachery, he was crushed underneath a falling stone pillar. As a result his people were forever banished to the waters.

Fighting Style

This Brazilian fighting style was founded over three centuries ago by African slaves. It is believed to have been originated by blacks in Angola, who performed the movements as a religious dance. In the 16th century, this "dance" was adapted into a fighting art as a defenses against the brutal slave traders. Capoeira is beautiful to watch because of its graceful cartwheels, handstands, handsprings, sweeps and flips. This grace combined with strength makes thus art lethal. Practitioners of this art are adept and evading attacks and countering with hands and feet. The foot motions involve a great deal of leg sweeps, leg blocks and kicks while in a handstand.


When Trident returned, he quickly avoided the falling pillar. He was then able to face his opponent in a fair fight. Ultimately, Trident's skill proved too great for the Roman. As the exact moment of delivering the final death blow, Trident realized the futility of it all. Not only did he refuse to finish the Roman, but felt compelled to tell his people the error of their ways. Trident succeeded in convincing the Atlanteans and the Romans to work together. Together they formed a central government using the best ideas from each culture. Their ideas of government, science and society spread around the world. The great wars never occurred because the Atlanteans were not only the masters of the sea, but also of space.

Stage Theme

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