Triad Stone
Developer(s) Data East
Publisher(s) Pioneer Productions
Release date(s) 1994
Genre(s) Animated Interactive Movie
Players Single Player
Media LaserDisc
System Pioneer LaserActive, Sega Saturn, 3DO
Preceded By
Followed By
Triad Stone for the Mega-LD module, later re-released as Sthral for other consoles, is an interactive movie, in the style of Dragon's Lair but with anime-style graphics. It supports Dolby Surround sound.


The gameplay is primarily centered around watching an anime movie, and pushing buttons as prompted on the screen. There are no difficulty settings, but the player may select which levels to play first, though completing levels unlocks more levels to be selected.


The player assumes the role of Ashe the knight on his quest to find the three pieces of the Triad Stone. Evil King Baroll has enslaved the tribes of the once peaceful island of Yllin and the only hope is to defeat him with the power of the re-unified Triad Stone. Young Ashe has to find the three pieces of the stone defeat the King's guardians and fight his way to King Baroll's castle for the final battle.

Gameplay VideoEdit

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