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"Welcome to Roppongi... now get out. This is my turf, my town. You wanna walk on my streets, yer gonna hafta pay the piper. That's me. And I'm packin' a pretty big pipe if ya know what I mean. This whole figthin' tournament is a joke. Nobody gets over on Kurosawa. Yusaku, Joe, Zaimoku -the whole buncha them- they're running around playing kids games, trying to decide who's "King of the Hill". Last time I checked the crown, it said "Roppongi Hardcore Boys rulz". If the whole town wants to scuffle for the top spot, I'm game. Never walk away from somebody when you can walk over them. And if that punk Redeye wants a taste, well, let's see how he likes sucking down three feet of hardwood with no teeth."

Toru Kurosawa (黒澤透?) is a character from the fighting game Last Bronx, and the 25 year old ruthless leader of the all male yanki playboy street gang, the Roppongi Hardcore Boys. He wields a bokuto wood sword in combat.


A merciless no nonsense, surly, and brutal thug leader amongst Tokyo's red light nightlife underbelly, Kurosawa is a man who does anything when he wants, whenever he wants, no matter how bad it gets. Declaring himself "above the kiddy games" of the former members of the influential street gang Soul Crew after the death of their leader, and with the start of the Second All-Tokyo Street Wars making wind, Torusawa aims towards a most ambitious goal in mind: To crush any opposition under his heels, to show that only he is worthy of ruling over Tokyo's streets. He fights against his nemesis Nagi Hojo as his rival and final boss.