The Immortal cluebook
Developer(s) David Luoto
(writing and illustrations)
Andrea Smith
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date(s) 1991
Genre(s) Walkthrough
Players 1
Media Book
System Sega Genesis
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The Immortal is a game that took place in the "labyrinth of eternity", where the player's character (who is never named) is looking for his long lost master Mordamir. The game had several playing aspects to it; one of which was just basic exploring, as the player moved their wizard around from chamber to chamber in the dungeon, buying the occasional item from a merchant who appears a few times during the game, along with being given items from characters or finding them in various rooms, gathering information through dialog with other characters, and from dreams the wizard had when they slept on piles of straw that are scattered throughout the game.

Another aspect of the game involved one-on-one combat/a hack and slash element, which each character (the player's and the enemy's) had vitality and fatigue meters; attack the other character for too long, and that character's fatigue level rose, giving the other character the ability to attack them up to several times in succession. Combat didn't end until one of the characters died (once their vitality level reached the bottom of the screen, as it would decrease with every hit they took from an enemy).

Also, the game had a puzzle aspect to it as well, as there were several items that were needed and certain actions had to be performed in order for the player to advance through the game in order to hopefully beat it.

The game also was known as to having over 30 death animations, several of which were full-screen, showing decapitations, bodies being cut in half, shocked to death, etc., which was before a video game rating system ever came into place (which it had a sticker on the box, warning of its "gruesome fantasy violence" content when it was initially released). A t-shirt was also sold from Electronic Arts (the distribution company), illustrating several of the deaths on the front.

The game was released for the NES, PC (DOS format), Apple II GS, Amiga, Atari ST and Sega Genesis.



Depiction of level 2 from the cluebook

Due to the game's high difficulty level, a walkthrough of the entire first level, along with notes, illustrations, and hints for all levels (except for the last one) were included in the instruction manual (in a section known as the "Codex of the Serpent"), along with this separately sold cluebook, which not only gave a walkthrough of the entire game, but it was also written in a narrative, first person/story viewpoint of the main character from the game, giving more details to the characters, situations and all, as everything that happens in the game is repeated in the cluebook verbatim (aside from a few minor details that were omitted [probably by accident]). There are also illustrations showing renderings of all levels (except for the final one) and their content.

Note: for a read-up of the actual game, it might be a good idea to check out that article first to anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with it.

Where Dragons Dwell (prologue)Edit

The story/cluebook begins with the player's character encountering Mordamir, telling him that he is dead (it would later be explained that the main character is fairly old himself, so there could be no way his master could still be alive, since he was a pupil of Mordamir's 40 years before, and he was already quite old and gray then). Mordamir says that he is indeed alive, although trapped in a dungeon stronghold in a city called Erinoch.

After the main character accepts Mordamir's plea for help, he turns to Mordamir one last time, finding that he has changed into a dragon, who bellows fire at the main character, totally consuming him...which is when he awakens, as this was all a dream...another one of three nights in a row. He decides it's time for a journey to seek answers...

Chapter 1Edit

The main character (which will just be referred to as "the MC" from now on) arrives in Erinoch, which is deserted, the entrance to the labyrinth located in the ruins of a temple. The MC finds The Codex of the Serpent, a journal written by Mordamir in case anyone came after him, and the first room he enters has the skull and candle on a stone table, which is how The Immortal begins, in that room.

All dialogue from the game is repeated word for word in this cluebook (except for one slight omission), including Mordamir's image appearing in the smoke of the candle, asking for Dunric's help. As it's stated in the game, the MC's name is not Dunric, but the MC hypothesizes that he should be considered a friend if he is looking for the MC's master.

After this room, the MC finds the slain fighter from the game with Dunric's ring, along with a Fireball spell in his possession. The MC doesn't have much time to ponder who this person is -- he figured with Dunric being a fellow wizard, the body wasn't him, as it had a shield and armor; that was a warrior's attire, not a wizard's -- as he has to defend himself from his first goblin encounter, along with toasting a second one with a fireball, whom the MC had interrupted the goblin's melee with Ulindor, which the MC recognized him from the Codex.

Another oddity arises with Ulindor though, as he tells the MC that he must help Mordamir, although how would he know of Mordamir? Ulindor disappeared after giving the MC a key, who unlocks a nearby chest and empties it of its contents (gold, a bottle, a map, and bags of bait and spores).

While continuing on his journey, the MC encounters another goblin guarding some gold, who commands the MC not to come any closer, but the MC kills the goblin with a fireball. The MC empties the goblin's pack of a key and a note in regards to deadly shades in another room, along with taking the gold the goblin was guarding.

Next up for the MC is a room which sets off flying arrows once he steps on a wrong floor tile, along with, two rooms later, pit traps and two shades residing in it. However, the MC also picks up a charm and an amulet before fleeing the room, then falls asleep on a stack of hay in the next chamber. While being asleep, he dreams of Ana, a blonde woman who was mentioned in the Codex.

Upon waking up, he sees a gem and surmises that, since he cannot pry it free from the floor, it must be a triggering device from a nearby ray of sunlight. Upon remembering the words of "something shiny" in the Codex, he positions the amulet so the beam will hit the gem, which opens up a ladder leading to the second level.

Chapter 2Edit

Immediately upon entering this level are two fast-moving slime creatures that charge towards the MC. He grabs a gem and a sword that rests on a skeleton -- which he recognized as to being Solundul by the 'S' on its blade, which is the elven sword of agility -- before running for a door.

On the other side of the door is Omar Nadir al Kahlil, an elixirsmith who is playing a tune on a lute (that could be considered ironic, due to its lyrics being about a weasel who tricks a mouse). He sells the MC some anti-slime oil (for almost all of the money the MC currently has in his possession), who then encounters several Will O' the Wisps. He pulls a scroll from his pack marked "WOW" and reads it, which enables the Wisps to fly about him without harm (since normally Wisps prey on the living).

Next the MC encounters two unmoving guards (indicated by scars of five stars embedded in their left arms, noting high rank) guarding a door, which he reads the WOW spell again (which turns the Wisps against enemies), which the Wisps fell both guards. One of the goblins had a familiar substance in his pack (the MC used to sample it from Mordamir's lab when he was out) that he called "Dust of Complaisance", since it caused those who experienced it to mellow out, which he pocketed and opened the door. Telling the two goblin guards and their king inside he has a gift for them, the MC opens and drops the spores he obtained from the first level of the labyrinth into a dung pile, runs out, waits for several seconds, then re-enters the room. The goblin king (somewhat) tells of how to get to the next level (in a disjointed fashion) after the MC gives him some water, then appears to die.

After leaving the room and entering a hall, the MC trips over a stone, which he decides to keep, due to the goblin king saying something about a stone in regards to the next level. A sign warns of a troll guard ahead, which the MC defeats in battle in the next area.

After the scuffle, he encounters Lindli, the master locksmith of Erinoch, who is working on a large gem. The MC throws the Dust of Complaisance at him, who gives the MC the gem (he had growled at him just a minute ago that, even though he knew the MC needed it, he couldn't have the gem), then Lindli disappears via a trap door in the wall.

The MC then falls asleep on a pile of hay, dreaming of how the goblins seemed reasonable, but unfortunately encounters more slime in the next hallway. He applies Kahlil's oil to his boots, then puts his two gems and the rock down on the floor (due to a hint from the goblin king about a rock becoming the "floor"), which the slime ignored the gems, but pounced on the rock, changing it into a gem then. The MC grabs the gem and hightails it for the door at the end of the hall, unlocking it with the key he obtained earlier from the goblin king (which the author forgot to mention in the cluebook), then, after literally 117 tries, figures out the combination to trigger a trap that leads to the next level after positioning the gems correctly in three huge circles that are carved into the floor.

Chapter 3Edit

The MC notes of the immense hole dividing the room into two parts once he enters this level, along with a beam of light in an area that he surmised would be a device of some sort.

Upon going down a ladder, he enters a room with a fighting troll and goblin, along with a treasure chest with fireball spells inside. He couldn't escape through a door though, due to it having some kind of a combination lock on it he couldn't figure out. Hoping to gain further acceptance with the goblins, he downed the troll with a fireball, which the goblin acknowledged his aid, then knocked at the door in a certain pattern to open it. Then upon inspecting the dead body, the MC finds and takes a dagger used to challenge trolls to a duel.

Afterwards, the MC climbs another ladder, being surprised to find two goblins fighting each other in that room. He fells the bigger goblin with a fireball (as he was showing intent of coming the MC's way after his opponent was dealt a severe blow), but then it turned out to be a troll, due to a Protean Ring that the troll was wearing, as the MC had read about in Mordamir's journal, which he takes from the corpse.

The MC is then warned by a goblin not to come any closer when he enters the next chamber, so he puts on the Protean Ring to see what the goblin is so intent on guarding in the treasure chest, which turned out to be three troll bombs, which he takes with him. (He also ignored a bottle that seemed to have slime in it, leaving it behind earlier.)

The MC takes his leave, retracing his steps to the door with the odd lock that was opened to finding the goblin king, somehow still alive, in the next room. He warns the MC of the ongoing war between the goblins and the trolls, along with the danger of spikes in the next room and with the area being troll territory afterwards. The next room does indeed contain the floor spikes, although it also included a gem as well. The MC watches the spike pattern for a few minutes before going for the gem and the ladder at the other side of the room.

Next is a room containing two troll guards, which the MC tosses the troll ritual knife between them, then slips through a door as they start fighting. There was no time to relax though, as two trolls in the new room headed his way, which he stopped both of them in their tracks with one troll bomb each. He also spied a bottle, picked it up and consumed it, which he figured to be the Magic Muscle Potion, then left once the trolls became mobile again.

Upon leaving that room, the MC runs across yet another troll, killing it in a brief battle, then sleeps on a pile of hay, dreaming of the goblin king.

Upon awakening, he looks at the shaft of light that he surmised was related to the light device at the beginning of the level, although severe heat was felt radiating from it when the flame was red. Upon looking it up in Mordamir's journal, he found a sketch of the device, along with the words of "red gems look best in purple light". So once the MC drops the gem into the shaft, he gets transported to the other side of the room he began the level on, and climbs down the nearby ladder.

Chapter 4Edit

Immediately upon entering this level, the MC is attacked by a troll, but Ulindor kills it, saying that they are now even. He also gives the MC some information/a warning about further dangers in the level, along with handing the wizard a carpet. The carpet, when unrolled, magically floats, which the MC carries to the next room and begins floating about the area (since the place is ridden with fire spouts and giant, underground-traveling worms).

He finds a piece of woman's clothing, along with an inscribed ring with Ana's name on it. The MC then flies around the area some more until he finds a ladder, which he descends, then unfurls the carpet again for the next room, which he maneuvers around until he spies another door...just in time for the carpet to crumble to pieces.

In the next room is a pile of hay, which the MC dreams of Erinoch before disaster struck, which was led by an image of Mordamir. For some reason dreams about him kept on getting worse.

After the disturbing dream, the MC enters a combat room, quickly defeating a troll, then running from another, and finding Ana in the room below. She said she was kidnapped and asks for her ring, which the MC gives to her. She then gives him a ring in return, along with a clue on how to escape the current level, then disappears.

After spending a huge amount of time and error trying to figure out how to continue onwards (even with the clue), the MC is about to make his way back to try to find Lindli when Dunric's ring falls out, which, upon chasing it as it rolls around the circle pattern in the floor (three times), opens the portal to level 5.

Chapter 5Edit

Once the MC steps down from the ladder leading to this level, a goblin warrior leaves his post, walks over and says his chief wants to talk to the wizard, and steps out. The MC decides to pick up a giant egg that is on the floor and take it with him on the way out, happening upon a war council that is gathered around a map.

As a goblin officer explained, there was a spring that flowed -- a Fountain of Youth -- which used to have a plentiful amount of water, but now there is hardly any left but a trickle, which that trickle is guarded by a norlac (a water monster). It, in turn, also guards access to the MC's need of accessing the lowest level of the dungeon, so the MC is going to have to lure the norlac away so one of the goblins can open a sluice gate to drain the water and be rid of the monster.

Upon stepping out the door, Kahlil, the elixirsmith from level 2, is behind it, which he persuades the MC to purchase a potion that he says will make him very small.

Upon returning to the room with the war council, there seemed to be no other way out, which, upon looking at Mordamir's journal, the MC finds a sketch of the room with a mouse hole as the only way out. A potion will poison the user and can only be remedied with Fountain water. Figuring he has no other choice, the MC drinks the bottle's contents, shrinks down, and goes through the hole.

Upon exit/running into the next room before the potion wears off, the MC runs over to a chest, flings aside the lid, spots a bottle and quickly drinks it, instantly feeling better, as he was already feeling weak once he regrew to his normal size. He also collected a note, a Sensor device, and a spellbook of weak fireballs, along with killing a troll that was also in the room, then runs out the door from the other.

In the new room are two small flying reptiles that attacked the MC, who then reads the fireball spell, killing his offenders and fetching a key that was attached to a ribbon that was around one of the reptiles' necks. It fit the locked door in the room, although before entering, the MC decided to read the note that he had found in the chest, which it said that flying lizards could be trained with bait. He also read the instructions that came with the sensor in regards to giant worm danger, along with telling of a safe path to take to traverse the room.

The wizard decided to check out a hallway from a ladder that led down (rather than braving the worm room first), although it seemed like he walked for a very long time before reaching the end of it, yet he appeared to only have traveled thirty feet! Due to feeling some kind of odd treachery was afoot, the MC decided to quickly get out and enter the worm room.

He activated the Sensor and gingerly made his way across the room to the door, which his pack started moving once he exited the place. The flying lizard had hatched and was already attempting to partake in flight, which the MC couldn't watch with interest for very long due to slime also being nearby. There was also another large circle on the floor in order to lead to the next level, which, once the MC set his pack down on it to try to figure out how to trigger it, he heard the sound of stone moving, revealing an opening in the floor, so he set the bait down for the lizard, which landed and began to eat it, which its weight was heavy enough for the door to be kept open so the wizard could escape.

Chapter 6Edit

It immediately becomes difficult for the MC to move in this level, due to the overabundance of cobwebs, which are very sticky and require him to constantly clean off his boots. Unfortunately his problems get worse as he sees two long spider legs emerge from a hole, which he figured the spider that they were attached to was the size of an ox, possibly larger.

Waiting for the legs to appear in one of the two holes so the MC could dive into the other, the wizard comes face to face with the giant spider in the next room, although it does not move until he approaches it, spraying a web right where he was standing. Once he figured it would take a few seconds for it to produce more webbing, he leapt forward, slashing away at it until he killed it.

Upon climbing down to the next room, the MC starts to go for the treasure chest, but sees the tell-tale squirmings of young spiders underneath it. Once he examined a nearby bottle instead, he found it to be full of very vile-smelling, strong alcohol, which he poured over the chest, killing the spiders and finding a levitation spell inside, along with a note warning of more egg sacs in the next room.

Once the MC enters the next hallway -- finding it totally covered with webbing and egg sacs -- he read out the spell, then transversed the corridor, hovering over it all the while.

Upon reaching the ladder at the hall's end, he climbed it into the next room and fell asleep on a stack of hay, thinking of the goblins' plan to rid the dungeon of the norlac, which he then smelled water in the air as he awoke.

Chapter 7Edit

Immediately upon climbing down into this level, the MC spots a man chained to a wall, who is wearing garb indicating a wizard of high rank, which he realized was Dunric. A troll suddenly stabs him, then charges the MC, who kills the troll. In an exchange of dialog, Dunric reveals that Mordamir actually isn't being held captive after all and that he kidnapped Ana. He also asks for his ring, which the MC takes from his pack and puts it on Dunric's hand, who then spoke an incantation, which resulted in three scrolls appearing at his feet before passing away.

Once the MC puts the scrolls away and climbs down to the room below, Ulindor is waiting for him, saying he would have to kill the MC since Dunric talked. However, the wizard is able to kill Ulindor instead, which, after napping on the hay, he climbs a ladder down to a waiting barrel in a water-filled area with the norlac that the goblins told about back on the fifth level of the dungeon.

While the MC paddles to the norlac and tries to figure out how to lure it away, he spies a goblin hanging from the ceiling, who urges him on. Then the norlac submerges and starts coming for the MC, who begins frantically paddling as the goblin wrestles with the sluice gate. He paddles to the other end of the area, then gets sucked down into the whirlpool as his barrel gets shattered to pieces, and blacks out...

Chapter 8Edit

The MC awakens on a floor. After gaining his senses, he sees a trunk, which contains gold, a Fire Protection and a Blink spell with six uses.

Upon climbing down a ladder and finding nothing but an empty room, the MC begins walking around, trying to find a trap door...which he does in the very middle, causing him to nearly fall through the floor, only catching himself with his staff...which it then breaks.

The MC is able to catch himself on top of a stone foundation, breaking his fall, and finds himself in a room of rock formations. Once he sees a dragon's head raising up, he fishes out his Blink spell, using them all up as the dragon keeps on spewing fire in his direction, along with using his Fire Protection spell as well. Running out of options, the MC holds up the amulet, which was created specifically to destroy a dragon, causing the dragon to pause...and then for Mordamir to appear.

Mordamir yells for him to "read the words", which the MC refused to do. Being familiar with Mordamir's tricks, the MC readies himself of Statue spells (which the cluebook made no mention of these, along with Magnetic Hands and Sonic Protection that Dunric created) to protect himself from Mordamir's lightning spell attacks, along with his sonic blast and summoning a phantom to attack him, although the MC gets stripped of the amulet by a spell from Mordamir though.

Once the MC is nearly out of defenses, Mordamir reveals he had led him there all along, playing the part of the merchant and left all the treasure chests for him. (It was also revealed in the game he had been waiting for a thousand years to kill this last dragon that was responsible for the destruction of an entire civilization.) However, he also revealed that, as long as he had the amulet on him, the dragon would not attack him. So, the MC speaks the Magnetic Hands spell, taking the amulet back, which the dragon then sends Mordamir to a fiery death.

Then, the MC hears a rustling and a voice from above, which came from Ana, who lowered a rope down to him, and they rose up out of the caverns, never to return again.


  • The Immortal came out before video games had an established rating system, although it was during the time when there were ongoing talks/complaints in regards to the subject (via parental groups, politicians, etc.). This game, however, somehow seemed to slip under the radar, as Mortal Kombat was usually named whenever the subject of future game ratings was brought up at the time in the media.
  • With the cluebook, it tells of ways to get through certain rooms that players probably are not going to notice, like the safe diagonal route in between two gray tiles in the spike room in level 3.
  • The NES version has a well-documented Easter egg where the player meets with digitized versions of the programmers of the game in a room. All versions of The Immortal is supposed to have this room. It is currently unknown if this was taken out of this version, although the cluebook gives a big hint of it being in the hallway in level 5, as the MC swears he hears a voice that says "PREPARE TO MEET THY MAKER" while there.


Review (85/100) showing all enemy death animations, along with this cluebook.

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