Taka-Arashi is a fictional character in the video game series Virtua Fighter.

Virtua Fighter 3:

Taka-Arashi is an American-Japanese sumo wrestler, known for his many victories. At the time of a settling a fight in an American bar, received an invitation for the 3rd international tournament sponsored by the J6, Taka-Arashi had to accept.

Virtua Fighter 4:

The feeling of humiliation. At the time of his defeat to the 3rd international tournament Taka-Arashi thinks that he lacks drive, he refuses an invitation to the 4th international tournament.

Virtua Fighter 5R:

A few weeks before the opening of the 5th tournament,Taka-Arashi receives an invitation to the 5th international tournament, and recieves a telephone call from Akira Yuki.

Akira: It's me, Akira! I have very bad news to announce to you

       You will be obliged to re-register for the 5th Tournament.
       If you refuse, you will not have the right to re-register, and you will be arrested.

Taka-Arashi did not have a choice this time and decides to accept the invitation.

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