Super Monkey Ball 2 is the sequel to Super Monkey Ball. Like the original game, it was designed by Amusement Vision and published by Sega. In it there is a Story Mode in the Main Game. There are no longer Mini Games, there are now only Party Games.



In the Story Mode, there is a story to the game. First the player watches a cutscene, and then he gets to choose which stage he wants to complete in the first world. The ten stages can be completed in any order, however they must all be beaten to get to the next cutscene and the next world. There are no Bonus Stages. Only AiAi is playable. There are unlimited lives, so continues aren't necessary. [edit] Story

The story follows the four monkeys of the first game. In it, Dr. Bad Boon asked MeeMee to marry him, but she was already married to AiAi and had Baby. So Dr. Bad Boon traveled to the past to prevent AiAi and Meemee from being married. However, Baby traveled to the past too, to stop him. At some point, Dr. Bad Boon came upon a monkey that became his assistant. He went to Jungle Island in an airship with his assistant as the pilot, and sucked up all of the Bananas. He then placed them in his maze. AiAi told him to give them back. However he didn't so, AiAi, Meemee, Baby, and GonGon chanted a magical spell, which caused plastic balls to appear around them. When they completed each of the mazes on Jungle Island, they found Dr. Bad Boon and told him to give back the Bananas. However, he said he would only do so if Meemee would marry him. Meemee said she would rather starve, so Dr. Bad Boon said he would cause Jungle Island into the sea.

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