Sonic X-Treme was a cancelled Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Sega Saturn. It was planned to be released around Christmas 1996. When the deadline was missed, the game was cancelled in 1997
Gazebo Boobowski

Concept art of Gazebo.

SXT Tiara Final

Concept art of Tiara.

. Had it been released, would it be the first fully three-dimesional Sonic game and the first original Sonic title for the Saturn.

It would have also marked the debut of Tiara Boobowski and Gazebo, characters for the game only. Other than Tiara and Gazebo, the three main characters would have been playable: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

In 2006, nearly ten years after the game´s supposed release, an anonymous collector bought an early test engine of the game for 2,500 dollars at an auction.
Sonic X-treme engine test screenshot

Snapshot of the test engine.


Jade Gully

Crystal Frost

Red Sands

Blue Ocean

Metal Blade

Galaxy Fortress

Planned bosses would have been Nack the Weasel and Metal Sonic, the latter being the final boss.

Jade Gully Zone.


Metal Sonic in the final boss battle.

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