EternalChampions PortraitSlash sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Pre-Man Hunter
Timezone 50,000 B.C.
Fighting Style Pain
Stage Location Great Rift Valley

Slash is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


A caveman from the Prehistoric Great Rift Valley in the year 50,000 BC. He did not train in any specific martial art, and instead fought in any way which could cause as much pain as possible. Being a hunter who developed superior intelligence, he would often search for ideas and methods to provide ways of better living for his tribe; however, as time went on, he drew much resentment and animosity from his tribe's elders for his way of thinking. It was at a meeting that he was cornered, and stoned to death for speaking out against the elders in public

Fighting Style

His fighting style uses any move or attack that will cause pain or inflict damage. This includes eye-poking, neck throttling, nostril pulling and hair yanking. The most common weapon is a large wooden club, which early hunters could wield very effectively. One technique involves the spinal crush, in which the attacker jumps onto a foe and smashes the victim's head, compressing the spinal column. Another technique uses the "push off" lever for a high two-footed attack.


When Slash returned, he quickly pulled himself free from the ropes that held him in place for the stoning. Once he was free, the clan members attacked him. With his new-found knowledge, he used their own force to throw them off balance. Slash finally used a trick from Xavier. He raised his club into the air and the tip became alive with fire.

The angry crowed backed away in fear. Once he had their attention, Slash was able to communicate his ideas. Eventually, he was appointed to head of the clan.This small change in pre-man history led to a life of peace rather than violence. This in turn saved the earth itself from ravages of war.

Stage Theme

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