Shinobi, known in Japan as The G.G. Shinobi, is a video game in the Shinobi (series), developed and published by Sega for Sega Game Gear. It was released in 1991 as an exclusive game to the Game Gear console. The music in the game was composed by Yūzō Koshiro.

Storyline Edit

Rumors of terror and destruction have made their way to Ninja Valley. The Master of the Oboro school of Shinobi sends his best students to investigate the horrible tales coming from the suburban areas. They return with news of a powerful dark force that has established a base within Neo City.

The Master knows that only a warrior trained in the arts of Ninjutsu can stand against this menace. One by one his greatest pupils enter Neo City to locate and destroy the source of the evil. Ninja Valley has lost contact with each of them. All are believed to be captured. It is now up to Joe Musashi, the Red Shinobi, to carry through this dire mission. As the oldest and strongest of his Ninja disciples, Musashi must use his special skills in the art of Ninjutsu to free his fellow Shinobis. With their combined strength, they can destroy the City of Fear.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay of Shinobi is similar to that seen in The Revenge of Shinobi. Movement is limited to walking, attacking and jumping. To compensate the restriction of action however, Shinobi offers a unique mechanic to add variety to the gameplay.

The object of the game is to free 4 ninja held captive by the evil crime organization: pink ninja, blue ninja, green ninja and yellow ninja. When a stage is completed, the freed ninja joins the player's party and can be switched to during play. Each ninja comes equipped with a unique weapon, ninjitsu and skill. When the game begins however, the player can only control the Red Shinobi, and his only form of attack is a short-range katana slash. The Pink Shinobi tosses bombs and can climb on the ceiling; the Yellow Shinobi attacks with energy blasts and can walk on water; the Blue Shinobi has a grappling hook that can be used to swing on certain pegs; and the Green Shinobi wields shuriken and can double jump. Switching between ninja is done using the pause menu.

The player can decide in which order the first four levels are completed. When all ninja have been rescued, the final confrontation takes place in the fifth stage Neo City.

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