Shining Force, is a strategic turn-based videogame that was published in 1992 for Mega Drive/Genesis. Although it is essentially a fantasy-based video game, it contains some steampunk elements.
Shining Force

The video game has been repeatedly republished: in Sega Smash Pack 2 for Dreamcast and PC, and in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as playing in its own right for the Virtual Console Wii. In addition, in 2004 a remake was released for Game Boy Advance with the title Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.

Shining is the prequel of darkness; In 1993, Shining Force II was released for Sega Mega Drive, followed by PlayStation and PlayStation 2.


Kingdom of Guardian, Land of Runes. After 50 generations of peace, the armies of Runefaust, led by Darksol (Dicksol's father of Shining in the Darkness), who wants to awaken the dark sleeping dragon and thus gain control of that land with their powers, begin their attacks. The purpose of Max and the numerous Warriors of Shining Force will be to stop Darksol's plans preventing the awakening of the dragon.

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