Shadow Yamoto
EternalChampions PortraitShadow sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Ninja (Assassin)
Timezone 1993 A.D.
Fighting Style Taijitsu / Ninjitsu
Stage Location Black Orchid Rooftop

Shadow Yamoto is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


Female ninja from Japan in 1993. Her fighting style combines ninjutsu with moves similar to jujutsu and the art of invisibility. As a member of the Black Orchid Corp, she rose through the ranks, and became a top-notch killer. After successfully carrying out many missions, she questioned her superiors about the consequences of failure. The answer given to her is that she herself would be assassinated. Feeling vulnerable and endangered, she then decided to escape, and reveal the organization to the public authorities.

However, the superiors arranged her death, and had her pushed off the 101st floor of the Corp building, before she could blow the whistle. Shadow was the most popular character of Eternal Champions and so she became the main protagonist of the spin-off game, X-Perts.

Fighting Style

Taijitsu: Taijitsu is a system of unarmed combat similar to jujitsu and is a forerunner of modern judo.

Ninjitsu: Ninjitsu is the feudal Japanese discipline embracing Bushido, espionage, commando warfare, occult powers and numerous martial arts practices. Due to many territorial and religious wars, Japanese mountain mystics were forced to develop the are to protect their families.The ninja, the practitioner of ninjitsu is the cultural opposite of the samurai. The ninja not only masters traditional weapons, bit its also adept at using daggers, dirks, darts, brass knuckles, smoke bombs and a variety of poisons.


When Shadow returned, she quickly avoided being thrown off the roof. She was surprised to learn that her boss had tricked her into coming to the roof. As she rolled to her left, her boss overshot her mark and fell off the building. Shadow immediately went to the police and was placed under protective custody. After several attempts on her life, Shadow testified about her role in the Black Orchid Corporation. This information saved a great many lives and changed business for the better.

Stage Theme

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