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July 2009Edit

19th July 2009: Talk bubbles have been retired. Please go back to using your old signatures.


August 2008Edit

19th August 2008: You can now view our previous logos at Sega Wiki:Logos.

15th August 2008

We now have a sister wiki, the Sonic News Network, the wiki about the Sonic the Hedgehog series that anyone can edit!

11th August 2008

Our Games Convention and PAX news portals for 2008 are now open!

July 2008Edit

25th July 2008

Monaco and Monobook skins both use the custom Hedgehog skin now.

24rd July 2008

If you have Twitter, you can follow Sega Wiki's news updates! Sega Wiki's Twitter page is here: We will follow back when our adminstrator signs in. If you want to contribute to the Twitter feed, add a news article here or on any other News portal.

23rd July 2008

News articles are now located under the News namespace. If you want to read gaming news articles, visit News:Index.

19th July 2008

You can now read our news articles by visiting the news link in the sidebar. You can also add new ones by typing the headline into the box. Our Monaco sidebar has been edited to add more relevant content.

18th July 2008

We're currently moving to an internal news system, so the latest news may not show up yet. We're also working on finishing the E3 profiles.

16nd July 2008

You may notice many images that we claim are on the site are not yet uploaded. That's because we're trying to upload over 100 images to the site and the process for each one is lengthy. We'll be adding an E3 section today to view all E3 news and images.

13th July 2008

Our logo has been modified to be more compatible with different backgrounds, and we've released a beta version of the new Monaco Hedgehog skin, which you can read about on the forums.

3rd July 2008

We've introduced talk bubbles! Any user can get one by following the instructions on the help page.

2nd July 2008

We're improving category structure to make it easier for people to navigate by category. See Category:Browse. You can also check out our revamped Welcome template, which features a familiar character as our Sega Wiki introducer!

June 2008Edit

30th June 2008

We've added a slew of help pages from other wikis, and have finally made every forum workable. On the sidebar, you can now browse by characters and games. All the Sega Wiki namespace pages have moved to the community tab or to the help tab. Green Hill Zone forum is now called the Capital City forum. Both Central City, and Cheats and Guides have been launched today.

29th June 2008

We've reshuffled some items on the Main Page to match New Monaco, which is our new skin. Expect to see some changes coming all around the Wiki over the next few weeks as we try to form a community.

16th June 2008

Our Administrator Boards have now opened to help users with technical issues.

February 2008Edit

24th February 2008

Sega Wikia has over 100 articles!!!

24th February 2008

Sega Wiki Community Portal improved.


October 2007Edit

27th October 2007

While trying to cope with major design changes in Wikia, Sega Wiki's official design is now "Gaming". Sega Wiki is now going under some changes to fit this new theme.

June 2007Edit

26th July 2007

Sega Wiki Contest closes.

January 2007Edit

5th January 2007

Sega Wiki Contest opens.

5th January 2007

Sega Wiki Community portal opens.


August 2006Edit

16th June 2008

Sega Wiki is founded.

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