Cover of October/November 1993 issue

Sega Visions was the official Sega publication, which, once a customer sent in a registration card for a new Sega console back in the 1990s, they would usually receive two free issues of the magazine, which they would be asked to subscribe then if they wanted to continue receiving it (note: see the Discussion page in regards to its pricing). The magazine ran for several years and its cover cost was listed at either $3.50 U. S. (from the November/December 1992 through April/May 1993 issues) or $3.95 (from the June/July 1993 through September 1995 issues) for each individual issue, which had over 100 pages for many of its issues. Several issues were sporadically printed each year, varying in number and release date.


The magazine was packed with anything Sega-related, covering all available Sega consoles and products at the time, third party game reviews, features, interviews with Sega personnel, and a Sonic comic. Staff also answered various readers’ questions and published some of their fan art, had special gaming offers, contests, player’s guides, tips, and even gave out game awards for the end of every year in regards to Product of the Year, Best Sound, etc. over various Sega systems.

There was even some various random, non-Sega bits as well included with their Say What? column, like in the November/December 1992 issue mention of the license of the Freddy vs. Jason movie (which actually ended up not being released until 2003), and in the June/July 1993 issue, the column told of the American version of the Godzilla movie was coming soon (which ended up not being released until 1998).

The magazine at a glanceEdit

Some various Sega news/notes that was announced in the magazine throughout the years included:

November/December 1992 issueSega CD rollout as the console was about to hit stores, including nine games

February/March 1993Sega history (including shots of early Sega arcade games)

August/September 1993–Sports Playbook section, covering many sports games/soccer star Pele interview, a look at the (what would never be released) Sega VR, the Power Plug peripheral, Mega Mouse and 6-Button Arcade Stick

December/January 1994–over 40 Sega CD games briefly covered, along with several full-length third party CD game features, Sports Playbook section featuring several sports games

August/September 1994Sega 32X announced/featured

December/January 1995Sega Channel announced

February/March 1995–magazine was shortened to less than 90 pages

September 1995–switch to covering the Sega Saturn/Sega 32X, with hardly any Game Gear coverage, which would also turn out to be the final issue


Sega-16 overview of Sega Visions

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