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The Sega Genesis Collection was a compilation of Sega Genesis games released for the PlayStation 2. It consisted of 28 games plus bonus content such as unlockable games, cheat sheets, interviews, and previews. Bonus content could be accessed either simply by trying games or actually completing a task within a game. Some bonus content required that other bonus content be viewed.

List of gamesEdit

  1. Alex Kidd' Released in 1989
  2. Altered Beast ,Released in 1989
  3. Bonanza Bros. Released in 1990
  4. Columns Released in 1990
  5. Comix Zone Released in 1995
  6. Decap Attack Released in 1991
  7. Ecco the Dolphin Released in 1993
  8. Ecco: The Tides of Time Released in 1994
  9. Ecco Jr. Released in 1995
  10. Flicky Released in 1991
  11. Gain Ground Released in 1991
  12. Golden Axe Released in 1989
  13. Golden Axe II Released in 1991
  14. Golden Axe III Released in 1993
  15. Kid Chameleon Released in 1992
  16. Phantasy Star II Released in 1989
  17. Phantasy Star III Released in 1991
  18. Phantasy Star IV Released in 1994
  19. Ristar Released in 1995
  20. Shadow Dancer Released in 1990
  21. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Released in 1993
  22. Sonic the Hedghehog Released in 1991
  23. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Released in 1992
  24. Super Thunder Blade Released in 1988
  25. Sword of Vermillion Released in 1990
  26. Vectorman Released in 1995
  27. Vectorman 2 Released in 1996
  28. Virtua Fighter 2 Released in 1996

Bonus GamesEdit

  1. Altered Beast arcade- PS2 only
  2. Future Spy- PS2 only
  3. Tac/Scan- PS2 only
  4. Zaxxon- PS2 only
  5. Astro Blaster- PSP only
  6. Congo Bongo- PSP only
  7. Eliminator- PSP only
  8. Space Fury- PSP only
  9. Super Zaxxon-PSP only

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