The Electronic Comics was a device developed by Sega Toys. It was slated to be released somewhere in the mid-1990s, but this had never came to be.


The Electronic Comics system is an interactive touch pad device with an array of pressure-sensitive sensors, on which special, tailor-made comic books would be placed, and the user could place his/her fingertip on one of 200 touch points per page to direct the story. As the user reads through the comic book, he/she can fight off villains, enter secret codes, and make decisions, all by pressing a touch point on an active page. Each comic book also comes with a cartridge, which contains the data needed to play that comic on the system.

The system, including two pack-in comic books, would have retailed for $50 USD, and additional comic books (cartridges included) would have sold for $20 USD each.

List of known Electronic Comics comic booksEdit

  • The Uncanny X-Men: A Secret Chapter in Professor Xavier's Life!
  • Superman
  • Batman


  • The system was featured in the April 1995 issue of the Popular Science magazine on page 11.

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