Sega Ages refers to a number of compilations or re-releases of classic video games from the developer's and/or publisher Sega.

Saturn versionEdit

The Sega-AM2 released several Sega Ages games for the Sega Saturn in Japan. These included

There were also two Sega Ages Memorial collections which included a number of older games per disc. These games aim to be faithful conversions of the original arcades. In 1996 the developer Working Designs published Sega Ages Volume 1 in the USA. The games that are inculded are the following.

In order to fit all three games on one disc. Working Designs had removed certain soundtracks of the original arcade music in each of the title. They also left only the remixed tracks calling it a "Refreshing Experience" for the player.

Sega Ages 2500Edit

Sega Ages 2500 is a series of budget-priced retro-themed releases by Sega. These were released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan. Initially, these were part of a joint venture with D3 Publisher called 3D AGES (SEGA D3 spelled backwards). These releases were primarily remakes of classic arcade titles with modern 3D graphics and new gameplay features. But also included 2D remakes like the Phantasy Star games. Also it had ports like Virtua Racing, Bonanza Bros. This version was harshly criticized for is's low production values, and inferior gameplay, and visuals that lacked in the originals charm.

Sega assumed control of the project with the release of Decathlete. Also the 3D AGES development studio was shut down with the release of Phantasy Star Generation 2. At this point the direction of the series changed from remakes to compilations, and ports of classic Sega games. Sega produced these titles themselves but the actual development work most of the time was outsourced to other video game studios. One of these studios where M2.

The new change that took place was shown in Fantasy Zone Complete Collection. The gamencluded a compilation of retro games as well as a remake of Fantasy Zone II.The games development took over two years. After that game Sega decided to retire the series. But they have not indicated if this retirement would be permanent.

The number "2500" refers to the price of the games in yen.

The current list of titles in the series:

Sega Classics CollectionEdit

Some of these games have been released in North America and Europe on the Sega Classics Collection for the PS2. These where

Alien Syndrome was released on the North American version of the Sega Classics Collection. But it was removed from the European release to hold the game's Pegi (Pan European Games Information) 12+ rating.


  • The name "Sega Ages" is a palindrome.

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