This article is about naming the articles in this wiki. This article will grow when more naming issues are discovered.

Characters from Sonic the Hedgehog

Characters from Sonic the Hedgehog often have a longer name than just one word (eg. Blaze the Cat, Knuckles the Echidna). But often their names are also the name of games with the same name. Just to make things simple, we refer to each character by their first name only. So Sonic the Hedgehog is just Sonic, and Knuckles the Echidna is just Knuckles.

Multiple games

When there are multiple games with the same name, there are three things to remember about page naming, which ease the finding of each article (listed in order of importance):

  • 1. Title: The actual title of the game should be included in the title. The example used in this article will be Sonic the Hedgehog. There are three games in that page with the same name, and it is important to have the full title on each page. So far, our page will look like this:

  • 2. System: The system(s) is included in brackets after the name of the game. If there are more than 2 systems in the brackets (eg. Master System, Dreamcast, Wii), then use the year of release (eg. 2006). Try not to include the company name, as the namespace is probably long enough anyway. Also, try to use popular short forms (eg. PS3, but not SMS (for Sega Master System)), and when the Mega Drive/Genesis or the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo is in the title, use Mega Drive and SNES.:
  • 3. Year: When there are two games released for with the same name for the same systems (a very rare situation), then you should use the year of release as well as the system name. For this section, imagine that there are two games released for the Dreamcast and Mega Drive with the name Sonic's Great Run. There are also two games released for the Dreamcast with the name Sonic Wild Ice. This is what it would look like, excluding a short description:

Example 1

Example 2

Console special editions

You can make articles for special editions of Sega consoles and handhelds only. They should be named as follows:

[[Console (Branding Colour edition)]]
  • Console is the Sega console that has the special edition (eg. Sega Saturn, Dreamcast).
  • Branding is the brand attached to that edition, if there is one (eg. Hello Kitty, Toyota, Gundam RX-78)
  • Colour is the colour of that edition. (eg. Blue, Red, Orange).

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