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Scourge The Hedgehog

Scourge the Hedgehog (pronounced, also known as Anti-Sonic, Evil Sonic, or King Scourge is an exact opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog; thus, he has all the same traits of Sonic, but he's evil. Scourge has green skin, blue eyes, two large scars that run across his torso, which appear like the Roman numeral for 2, a black leather jacket with flames on the shoulders and upper arms with buckles on the ends, black-rimmed, occasionally red-tinted sun glasses with red flames, which usually hang just above his brow, and green and black boots. Originally Scourge had blue skin and green eyes like Sonic, but in an incident where he tried to drain power from the Master Emerald he changed in color.


Evil Sonic

Evil Sonic hails from Anti-Mobius, a polar opposite of Sonic's world. There, he was leader of a group of thugs called the Anti-Freedom Fighters. Their arch-nemesis is Dr. Julian Kintobor, a nice scientist. Eventually, Evil Sonic was kicked out of the group and lined up behind someone even worse. Eventually, he ran into Julian's opposite: Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The two made a pact that Evil Sonic would impersonate Sonic; all he needed to do was change his attire to Sonic's. Another of their enemies is Anti-Knuckles the Echidna|Anti Knuckles, a pacifistic alter ego of Knuckles the Echidna. Evil Sonic had tricked Anti-Knuckles into going to Mobius-Prime to give him some information there. Evil Sonic has crossed paths with Sonic-Prime many times, usually impersonating him and getting him into trouble, leaving the "real" Sonic to clean up the mess.

Custody and Escape

Evil Sonic was recruited by Robo Robotnik to help him with a plan, mainly to retrieve the Giant Borg, Robo's greatest invention. However, because of all these Robotniks, he accedently gave it to Dr. Robotnik from Sonic Underground. To show his gratitude, he imprisoned Evil Sonic and prepared him for Roboticization. However, being ignorant of who he was Manic and Sonia bailed him out. Then Manic, Sonia, and the Sonic from their universe, defeated Robotnik and anihilated the Giant Borg. As for Evil Sonic (or Scourge), he got captured by another alter ego of Sonic, Zonic the Hedgehog. From there, he was thrown in prison by Zonic. However, Evil Sonic escaped twice; the first time he Ko'd Zonic and went to Mobius-Prime, where Antione D'Coolette defeated him in a battle, and the second time, he broke out and went to Anti-Mobius, where he met Antione "Patch" D'Coolette who wanted to fight Evil Sonic. Scourge beat him and concocted a penalty for both alter egos; switch their positions in their universe. Eventually, he did the same thing with himself, allowing him to make serious moves on Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot, and Fiona Fox. Sonic however, quickly escaped the Anti-Verse via Julian Kintobor's help and arrived back to battle Evil Sonic in the Chaos Chamber, but were evenly matched again. Because of this, Lock the Echidna, Knuckles' father, used Chaos control to teleport him back to Anti-Mobius.

Neo Scourge

When he came back to Mobius-Prime again, he partnered up with Rouge the Bat to steal the Master Emerald. They, unbeknownst to each other, had seperate plans to do so; one would distract Locke while the other would take the Emerald, but neither knew who would distract and who would steal. This led to their plan being thwarted by Locke and Knuckles. However, Evil Sonic managed to touch the Emerald, and it mutated him; instead of blue fur and green eyes, he had green skin and blue eyes. And Rouge said to him, "I like the green bod, Evil Sonic." He said, "Yeah, baby, but I'm still the same old guy. I'm still Scourge the Hedgehog!" She was one of three people who Evil Sonic told his real name; the other two being: Sonic-Prime and Fiona Fox. Now that he had told Rouge his actual name, they went to attack Locke and Knuckles. After Knuckles got knocked out, Locke tackled Scourge and ripped his chest badly, which was how he got those jagged scars on his chest, which coincedentally resemble the roman numeral 2 (as in Scourge being Sonic's double). Screaming in pain and bleeding badly, Scourge beat Locke horribly, stopping short of killing him when Rouge said she doesn't work with murderers. Then Scourge used the Master Emerald to intiate Chaos Control to teleport to Sonic. After a grueling battle on Sonic's part, and then being pursued by new enemy Shadow the Hedgehog, he and Rouge were transported via Warp Ring by the evil Dark Legion leader, Dr. Finetivus. He convinced them to join up with him, only for Rouge to abandon Scourge after betraying the Doctor. Then Evil Sonic and Sleuth Dogg arrived to fight Sonic. Their mission was to obtain a Warp Ring that Rouge had taken. In an attempt to ransom the Ring, the two kidnapped Miles "Tails" Prower and Fiona Fox and would torture them to death if not given the Ring. Before leaving, Scourge told Fiona, Sonic's then girlfriend, that he wanted to see her again and he loved it when she pretended that her and Sonic were for real. Some time later, he joined the Destructix group led by Dr. Finitevus, and they attacked and defeated a dingo army on Angel Island, convincing Locke that they had reformed. This enabled them to trick Locke into gaining custody of Angel Island and the Master Emerald. Now they could carry out Dr. Finetivus' plan: to recreate Enerjak. Then Scourge arrived in the city of Knothole, revealing that he and Fiona had been involved for quite some time. After a brief altercation with the Freedom Fighters, among them the disbeleiving Tails, Scourge and Fiona teleported with the Warp Ring, supposedly to talk to Scourge's bosses on Angel Island. By doing so, they escaped undergoing a sting operation, disguised as an auction of the Master Emerald, a trap that captured Fiona's old teammates Bark the Polar Bear, Fang the Sniper, Bean the Dynamite, Mammoth Mogul, and Ixis Naugus.

Enerjak Plot

Scourge had been working with the Destructix duyring his time on Mobius-Prime. He along with Fiona Fox and other members of the Destructix, were hired by Finitevus to guard the only weapon that could destroy the brainwashed Knuckles now known as Enerjak, an enchidna demigod of chaos powers who wants to reshape the world into his own image, which will "help" the world. When Sonic the Hedgehog, Julie-Su, and Locke the Echidna went onto the island, thay were promptly attacked. The opposing forces were defeated, and as Locke tried to get the weapon, Sonic used a spin dash on the device and told him that he had his own plan. He went to the Chaos chamber and by using the Master Emerald, transformed into Super Sonic. He planned to beat the darkness out of Enerjak the same way he did with Perfect Chaos. Scourge and the rest of the Detructix watched as the new formed Super Sonic and Enerjak went into battle against each other. During the middle of the fight, Sleuth "Doggy" Dog ordered his team members to leave because Dr. Finitevus had only paid them to protect the weapon. So with it destroyed, there was no reason for them to stay on Angel island. While the group left, Fiona stayed with Scourge and asked him why wasnt he going with the Destructix. He answered by saying a short speech about something Sonic had said way back in issue 172 that made him think about who he really is, and he had also said that he had super-charged his warp ring to "get those answers." After, he and Fiona went into the warp ring.

King Scourge

After the defeat of Enerjak, Mighty the Armadillo, Mina Mongoose, and Miles "Tails" Prower were brainwashed by Mammoth Mogul using curses he laid upon them each in order to obtain another Chaos emerald so he could get his full powers again and to try and achieve god-hood. When Sonic had given him what he wanted, he turned them back to normal, thus giving them free will. At this time, on Anti-Mobius Scourge the hedgehog reassembled his team now known as the Suppression Squad and became the king of Moebius. He then sent his team to Mobius Prime to fight the Freedom Fighters. Sonic was helping the Chaotix deal with the New Dark Egg Legion, until he received a call to return to Freedom HQ. As he arrived so did King Scourge, who, along with the Suppression Squad, managed to drive out Sonic and the Freedom Fighters from Freedom HQ. The next day, Eggman had sent the latest model of Metal Sonic to challenge Sonic, but instead found Scourge. After informing Eggman that he was formerly Anti-Sonic and had driven the Freedom Fighters from their base, Metal Sonic turned to leave. However, once Scourge told Eggman that he planned to take over Eggman's city, Metal Sonic turned around and fought Scourge. Sonic arrived on the scene and offered a temporary alliance with the evil king. Scourge denied this, preferring to fight Metal Sonic AND Sonic alone without any aide. This was made difficult, however, when Dr. Eggman sent a quickly built Metal Scourge to aide Metal Sonic. It quickly became apparent that Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge couldn't be defeated by Sonic and Scourge alone, so Scourge reluctantly orders the Suppression Squad to aid them. After the metals are defeated, Scourge asks Sonic about an offer he made in the midst of battle, regarding the both of them taking over Mobius together. Sonic hadn't answered because he was sickened that his "evil twin" would think that he would even consider aiding Scourge. Despite this, Sonic allows Scourge to stay at Freedom HQ, too worn out from the previous battle to take on Scourge and the Suppression Squad. Later that night, Scourge snuck into Sonic home, only to find Sonic's father, Jules, waiting for him. Jules states his deduction that since Mobius Prime was filled with noble heroes fighting one villain, Moebius must be filled with evil cowards, fighting for themselves. Enraged at being called a coward, Scourge reveals that Anti-Jules had taken part in an event where there was no war. However, this fell apart, and Scourge later returned to take over Moebius. After Scourge threatened to destroy Jules, Sonic's father tells him that he won't go down without a fight and that even if Scourge destroys him, Sonic would quickly come after him. Stating that Jules is just like his own Dad, Scourge leaves the home teary-eyed.


Since he is an evil alternate version of Sonic, Evil Sonic/Scourge has all of Sonic's traits, just darkened and at times, reversed. While Sonic enjoys the company of his friends, Scourge has none, and sees his allies as pawns to help him prove he's the best. In addition, where Sonic likes to battle just for sport, Evil Sonic/Scourge fights to prove that he is the greatest by introducing his opponents to excrutiating pain, and if given the chance, kill them. However, his arrogance, amplified from Sonic's usual cockiness, makes it easier to defeat him. Though he and Sonic have nothing but hatred for each other, they do occasionally find themselves working together, such as when the pair and Shadow battled the sub-boss Croctobot (though afterwards, Scourge immediately and single-handedly defeated Sonic and Shadow, who left in a huff).

Scourge thought he figured out why Sonic didn't like him: all Sonic needed was one bad day, and he'd be just like Scourge. Sonic stated the exact opposite, saying that all Scourge needed was some good qualities and he'd be just like Sonic. This gave Scourge a brief moment of self-doubt before Sonic got knocked down by Fiona. As a result, he later decided to leave Mobius to find out the truth about who he was.


  • Scourge has the OPPOSITE color scheme than Sonic the Hedgehog and Jet the Hawk has the EXACT same colors (Green skin with blue eyes). It's notable that Super Scourge may be red with yellow eyes.
  • Scourge resembles Manic from Sonic Underground. Scourge has Sonic-like hair and blue eyes, while Manic has spiky and shaggy hair and brown eyes.
  • Optimus Prime from Transformers RID also has an evil clone named Scourge.
  • Scourge will make the transformation to Super Scourge in issue 196, and his color scheme will be like Sonic's normal color scheme.
  • In the cover of Sonic Archie Comics Issue 196, you see two hedgehogs, Sonic almost dead on the ground and a darkish-blue hedgehog grinning evilly levitating over him with two scratches on his stomach, which can possibly be Super Scourge, though other possibilities are present.
  • Scourge appears in Sonic Unleashed as a cameo in the Greece stage


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