R.A.X. Coswell
EternalChampions PortraitRax sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Cyber-Fighter
Timezone 2345 A.D.
Fighting Style Muay Thai Kickboxing
Stage Location The Cyber-Dome

R.A.X. Coswell is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


A professional kickboxer from the year 2345 (R.A.X. stands for Robotic Artificial Exoskeleton). He was born in a time where the popularity of martial arts started to fade. Martial artists started to combine with machines, and began an era known as "cyber fighting". With a strong desire to stay relevant, he underwent painful surgery to be injected with cybernetic implants, therefore becoming a half human/half machine: a cyborg. He soon began winning many fights, and achieving fame.

In order to win a wager for an upcoming championship match, Coswell's corrupt manager implanted a virus into his cybernetics, which would cause his R.A.X. system to shut down. During the championship match, his manager activated the virus & shutdown his R.A.X. system just before he could land the final blow, causing his death.

Fighting Style

Muay Thai kickboxing is a mixture of powerful kicks and devastating body blows. The fighter uses fists, feet, knees and elbows to cause damage to the opponent. Kicks deliver massive blows to the opponent's legs, knees and thighs, making Muay Thai one of the bloodiest fighting styles in use today. It ranks as the most popular spectator sport in Thailand.


When R.A.X. returned, he quickly began to overload the systems in his body. As the ruthless fight promoter pulled the transmitter from his jacket, R.A.X. fired an energy bolt from his power generator. The energy blot flew straight and true to its target, knocking out the promoter and shorting out the transmitter. As his opponent closed in on him for a final blow, R.A.X. hit his air jets, avoiding the devastating punch. R.A.X. quickly countered and knocked the opponent flat to the mat. After the fight, R.A.X. had the electronic virus safely removed. The fight promoter was jailed for attempted murder. The public, outraged by all the corruption, shutdown the cyborg fights and returned to more human and more humane competition.

Stage Theme

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