NiGHTS from Nights into Dreams

NiGHTS is genderless like all Nightopians but is called brother by Reala, and by fans is generally referred as a male. NiGHTS is a video game character and the protagonist of the games Nights into Dreams... and Nights: Journey of Dreams, developed and published by Sega. The character wears a purple jester style hat and outfit, with a diamond-shaped red jewel on the chest (This is revealed in the Archie comics mini-series to be a shard of an Ideya sphere that broke off and latched onto his chest)

Game Appearances

The character's first appearance was in the video game NiGHTS into Dreams... for the Sega Saturn it was also made for PlayStation 2 on February 21, 2008. The second game in the series, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, is for the Nintendo Wii. Nights also appeared in the sampler game Christmas NiGHTS for the Sega Saturn.

Outside Appearances

The NiGHTS character has appeared in numerous other games besides the series, including Sonic Adventure (in the Casinopolis zone), Sonic Adventure 2 (in the City Escape and Radical Highway levels), Shadow the Hedgehog, as in Lethal Highway, the title screen appears in a billboard without any text, and also in Sonic Adventure 2, the player can raise a Chao that resembles the character. Nights also appears in Sonic Pinball Party, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Sega Superstars, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Riders (as a secret character), and is in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Nights is also a playable character in Sega Superstars Tennis, and is the flagman in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

NiGHTS has also made a guest appearance in Phantasy Star Online I & II Plus, in an Episode 2 quest.


NiGHTS is a rebel Level-one Nightmaren whom broke free from Wizeman's Control and became free. Often getting imprisoned, it is up to the visitors (Elliot Or Claris in Into Dreams or Will and Helen in Journey of Dreams) to use the power of the Red Ideya to free NiGHTS, chase enemies, and get the keys to destroy the cages holding NiGHTS.

NiGHTS' personality is sort of a far cry from Sonic's. Both hate being imprisoned or contained, and each loves adventure. However, Sonic runs at supersonic speed, while NiGHTS flies at a speed that was never mentioned at all.

In Journey of Dreams, NiGHTS gained the ability to change forms (Though this was seen as Bobsled NiGHTS in Into Dreams, it was expanded in Journey of Dreams) using Golden Persona Masks obtained at the end of each level. The 3 Personas are: Dolphin Persona- Turns NiGHTS into a Dolphin, allowing her access to hidden treasures underwater.

Rocket Persona- Turns our lovable hero into a rocket (And a funny-looking one at that) that allows him to glide at extremely fast speeds. Useful in catching Goodles and grabbing their keys.

Dragon Persona-Turns NiGHTS into a Dragon, giving her unparalleled power. He can use this to surpass strong winds, and his Dash ability is a bit faster form.


NiGHTS is a "Playful Rascal", and though it may be playful, he possesses several abilities to whoop the daylights out of Nightmarens.

Fly-NiGHTS almost never leaves the air. it flies everywhere, and flying is the main part of both games.

Drill Dash- NiGHTS uses dash to travel at high speeds and attack enemies, though it makes it harder to control. There is a 'Dash Meter' on the bottom of the screen that shows the amount of 'Dash Power' you have left. Dash Power is regained by flying through rings, which are scattered everywhere in the levels.

Dualize- The Ability NiGHTS holds that may be his most peculiar. Dualizing with visitors allows the visitor dualizing with NiGHTS to become one being alongside it. They share the same body (NiGHTS's) but it is very unclear who does all the controlling! You have to be careful at times because if the Mindsight is too far from NiGHTS, you can't control it and NiGHTS will start flying on his own uncontrollably!!

Acrobatics- NiGHTS, spending 99.9% of his time in the air, has grasped the advanced areas of flying. it can pull off somersaults, twists, and weaves with no problem.

Paraloop- A very important ability. A subtance called Twinkle Dust falls from NiGHTS's hands when it flies. If you make NiGHTS fly in a circle and the strands of Twinle Dust meet eachother, it will form a paraloop, which is like a little black hole. It sucks in Nightmarens in a snap and attracts items to NiGHTS!

Push- Not the official name, but anyways, NiGHTS uses this ability to grab onto enemies and launch them away! Your main dispatch method against Nightmarens. It can also be used to fire objects. (Such as meteors in the battle agains Reala in Journey of Dreams)

Flute- Not a gameplay ability, it is cool nonetheless. NiGHTS can put its hands to his mouth to make it look like it's playing a flute. Here's the catch-The sounds really come out! The song that NiGHTS plays is "Dreams, Dreams" and it usually plays two lines of this song with his flute: "In the nights: dream delight, I want to see you standing there..."