Dreamcast 4 Megabyte Nexus Memory Card

Description: The Nexus 4meg memory card holds 4 times the data as a Sega memory card (800 blocks). This is done using no compression which makes the card more stable. What makes the Nexus brand memory cards stand out from all the others is its ability to link up to your PC with the included cable. With this feature you will not need to buy another memory card as you can upload and download saves from your PC to the nexus card. When you compare the price to other brands, this card is definitely a steal. More Info: When formatted with the software (click here to download), you can get upto 241 blocks/page bringing total capacity upto 964 blocks! Although this card is also available in the 16meg version at other sites, the 16meg card runs into stability issues. Only downside I can think of is when transferring saves between your card and your PC. You need to have the memory card plugged into the DC controller with the power on. This can be an issue if you don't have your DC in the same room as your PC.

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