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18 July 2008

Vay for iPhone town

A town in Vay

A new Sega game has recently appeared on the iTunes Store. The Sega Mega-CD RPG Vay has come to the iPhone, with a new control scheme and interface. The iTunes Store has a description of the iPhone version:

The 1994 cult classic RPG returns with updated widescreen graphics and touchscreen controls! When your peaceful kingdom is attacked on your wedding day and your wife-to-be is kidnapped, it falls to you to stop the terrible machines of war that threaten to lay waste to the world.
The game uses Sega Mega-CD graphics for the characters and world, but uses the iPhone's standard interface elements and fonts. The character is moved using a point-and-click (or should we say, point-and-touch) method, and battle options now have button-based instead of text-based navigational menus. The movement area is still full-screen, but the remaining section of the screen is used to show character stats and location. The game is available on iTunes for $4.99.

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