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4 August 2008


A taste of the gore in MadWorld.

Gaming website Siliconera recently interviewed Sega Associate Producer Christopher Kaminski about a new violent game from Sega called MadWorld. We've posted an excerpt below concerning the hardcore crowd on Wii.

I know you’re talking about this being a Wii exclusive with these controls, but your Grandma is not going to buy this.

[Laughs] Well, my Grandma is!

[Laughs] OK, so your Grandma is going to buy MadWorld, but the senior citizens home across the street probably won’t add this to their repertoire of Wii games. Are you worried about that? Do you think there is enough of an audience for MadWorld on the Wii?

Absolutely. You know a lot of Wii owners are hardcore gamers, they are people who love video games. There hasn’t been anything like this game before and there haven’t been a whole lot of core type games made for the Wii. We think this is going to be perfect.

To read more, visit Siliconera's website.

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