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Sonic Unleashed - E3 Trailer02:25

Sonic Unleashed - E3 Trailer

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Sonic Unleashed

E3 coverage for Sonic's upcoming game on the Wii, PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360.

Developer(s) Sonic Team
Dimps (Wii, PS2 stage design)
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s) INT November 2008
Genre(s) Platformer
Players one to four
Rating(s) Rating Pending
Media 1 Blu-ray Disc (PS3)
DVD-DL (Xbox 360/PS2)
Wii Optical Disc (Wii)
Input Wii Remote with Nunchuk/Classic Controller; GameCube Controller (Wii)
SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 (PS3)
DualShock 2 (PS2)
Xbox 360 controller (Xbox 360)
System PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Preceded By Sonic the Hedgehog
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About Sonic Unleashed

Sonic the Hedgehog is on an adventure unlike any other! When Dr. Eggman unleashed a slumbering beast from the center of the Earth, there is a devastating tremor that splinters the world into many continents. Sonic must race to restore the planet in chaos, but an unusual situation challenges him in never-before-seen ways. Both day and night play different, yet important, roles in Sonic's newest quest... as the sun sets, an intriguing adventure awakens!

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Media Legend

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  • Video 3: Sonic Unleashed E3 2008 Stage Show Demo part 3
  • Video 4: E3 Trailer
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