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"Just because I'm the only daughter of a zaibatsu director's family doesn't mean I have to be spoiled rotten and nasty... but I am anyway. I formed the Dogma crew with one rule only; No boys allowed. I don't hate men, I just expect them to serve me. And if pigs like Kurosawa can't handle it, they can tell it to the business end of my sai. That tomboy Yoko on the other hand is welcome to join us whenever she wants..."

Nagi Hojo (豊饒 梛?), known notoriously otherwise as the Dangerous Queen and the Raving Lesbian amongst the street gang underworld, is a character from the fighting game Last Bronx. She is the head leader of the no-males ultra feminist gang Dogma based in Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge area, and wields a pair of metal sai in battle.


The only daughter of a wealthy zaibatsu director, Nagi Hojo is a sadistic and vicious femme fatale, spoiled rich and without conscience for her actions. Her street gang, Dogma, live in the belief that men have only the right to serve women; their motto "Men are pawns made to do our bidding." Her penultimate rival and enemy is the yanki thug leader Toru Kurosawa, a man who ignites her feared anger just upon the sight of him.