Mortal Kombat is a fighting game released in 1993 for both, the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and also for Sega CD in 1994. This port was published by one of Acclaim's divisions known as Arena (also the same people who published and developed the genesis/game gear/sega master system port), and developed by Midway. In this version of the game, it pretty much largely remains the exact same as did for genesis except for it's biggest additions, now it features arcade perfect soundtrack taken straight from the original arcade game making it inferior to the SNES version, except one notable problem with this is that some of the games themes do not play on it's correct stages(courtyard stage plays the pit's theme), unlike the original MK1 for genesis (or game gear/sega master system) you don't have to put in a cheat to access the blood option, instead already giving the player blood in the game, earning the rating MA-17, but could however still be accessed by button input, similar to genesis ABACABB it was DULLARD to turn off gore. It featured the Mortal Kombat 1 ports commercial as well at the begginning of the game's intro. Remixes of the famous Mortal Kombat theme song, (that was used for the movie) and other game music can be heard via Sega CD internal music player.

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