Moritsune is an enemy and player character featured in Sega's Shinobi series. He is the brother of Shinobi (PS2)'s main protagonist, Hotsuma, but following his death, he is resurrected by the main antagonist Hiruko as his enforcer.


Moritsune was designed seemingly in mind to be something of an opposite to Hotsuma. As opposed to Hotsuma's dark clothing and vibrant red scarf, Moritsune wears gray and white clothing and has white hair. He wears a visor similar to Hotsuma, albeit the eyes being red and cat-like. In answer to Hotsuma's single sword style, Moritsune employs the use of dual swords which he can connect together at their pommels, forming it into a naginata. In the first battle, he only used two basic attacks but following his full revitalization and possession, his swords were wrapped in green flames and although employed the full use of his swords, he still used techniques similar to Hotsuma such as the Stealth Dash and even used his own version of the Ka'en fire spell. Moritsune can also be unlocked as a playable character by collecting 30 Oboro Coins. He still possesses the same exact moveset as Hotsuma, but he is much faster and stronger. However, the Slash Gauge drains faster for him.


Moritsune is the older brother of Hotsuma, the protagonist of Shinobi (PS2) and can be seen as a sort of tragic hero. He, Hotsuma and their friend Ageha, grew up together as the greatest apprentices of the elder Oboro ninja, Kobushi. One day, Ageha decided to go to the main shrine and observe Akujiki. However, the young Ageha got too ambitious and attempted to take the sword for herself. Unfortunately, as if in response to her apparent greed, the sword awakened, hungry for a soul. Moritsune ordered his brother to call for Kobushi. Ageha feared for everyone's life as the sword tried to reach out to someone but Moritsune grabbed the hilt and urged her to let go. By the time Hotsuma came back with Kobushi, the sword overpowered him and the three looked in horror as they saw the boy with sword in hand, its blade dripping and a horrible gash across his face.

Fast foward later, the ritual to decide the leader of the Oboro took place with Hotsuma and Moritsune as the competitors. Although Moritsune lost, he took his defeat well and promised that his spirit would be forever with him. As the last part of the ritual, Hotsuma was forced to use the very same blade that troubled them years ago and beheaded him with it.

A few years later following the invasion of the evil sorcerer Hiruko, a ninja very similar to Moritsune named Aomizuchi emerged as his enforcer and killed off the elite Oboro members and placed talismans on them to serve as his minions. He also there to see Hotsuma first arrive in Tokyo and does battle with him. After deliberately grabbing and squeezing the blade of Akujiki does he awaken it with his tainted blood. While he does not fight Hotsuma again for a good deal of the story, he periodically haunts him at the most inconvenient of times and eventually captures the shrine maiden Kagari to be used as bait.

When Hotsuma arrives at the Nakatomi HQ to destroy the dreaded demon machine Yatsurao, Hiruko appeared to absorb the massive amounts of yin stored inside that was released by Akujiki and becomes revitalized. When Hotsuma prepares to attack, Aomizuchi stands in his way again. After a brief battle, Hotsuma manages to break the mask to reveal none other than Moritsune as the sorcerer's bodyguard. He then leaves with Hiruko to depart to another shrine where Hiruko would perform one more ritual to apparently bring back Moritsune as requested by the true perpetrator of the events, Ageha. However, it was all a deception when "Moritsune" kills Ageha. With her blood on his hands, Moritsune is completely overtaken and transformed as Hotsuma appears to watch his brother overtaken by the last Hellspawn lord Aomizuchi. After a fierce battle, Hotsuma manages to impale him and absorbs Aomizuchi into the sword. Moritsune returned to normal and had stated that his spirit would be forever with him as it was within Akujiki. He then takes the deceased Ageha with him to live together with Hotsuma and urges his brother to take revenge for the Oboro, the two disappearing together in peace.

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