Mitchell Midleton Knight
EternalChampions PortraitMitchell sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Bio-Chemical Scientist
Timezone 1967 A.D.
Fighting Style Jeet Kune Do
Stage Location Song Hong Delta (Vietnam)

Mitchell Midleton Knight is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


A London-born biochemical scientist and Jeet Kune Do practitioner who worked for the CIA. He was assigned to make a biological weapon which was intended to be poured into the water supply of North Vietnam during the war; however, in a freak accident, he himself was exposed to the virus and was turned into a vampire-like creature in 1967. Despite the fact that he hungered for blood, he refused to harm and kill others. He spent many regretful years trying to invent a cure but to no avail, and was killed in the year 2100 by a vampire hunter, who drove a magnesium stake into his heart.

Fighting Style

This fighting style was conceived by the late martial artist Bruce Lee in 1967. It's name literally means "The Way of the intercepting fist". Jeet Kune Do, unlike other martial arts, does not use a specific set of rules or techniques to establish a distinct method. Instead it utilizes all ways and means to serve its end, therefore making it "free". As a martial arts form it possesses everything, while in itself it possesses nothing.


When Midknight returned, he quickly sidestepped his attacker to avoid the stake through his heart. He then used his superhuman speed to flash behind his attacker and drain his life force. Realizing that death was not the answer, Midknight stopped short of taking the man's life. Once in a safe haven, Midknight collected what was left of his lab and departed for Italy. Midknight restarted his work on a cure for the plague.

After a few months of work, a cure was found. The discovery was bittersweet however, since the cure was based on his own blood chemistry. So while the cure worked for others, it did little to cure his affliction. It stopped his decay, but left him in his current state forever. Midknight became famous for his efforts and became head of the World Science Organization. His immortality gave him the experience and wisdom to deal with most of mankind's major diseases.

Stage Theme

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