Mega Drive Megatron 2
Name Megatron
Genus Cybertronian
Faction Decepticons
Title Emperor of Destruction
First Appearance Transformers
Special Skills Transformation from robot into Mega Drive or Genesis
Voiced by (English) Frank Welker
Voiced by (Japanese) Seizō Katō

Megatron (メガトロン Megatoron) is the original "Emperor of Destruction", or leader of the Decepticons, in the Transformers franchise.

Under the "TakaraTomy Arts" banner, Megatron was given a toy by TakaraTomy which converts into a scaled-down (and non-functional) Sega Mega Drive console. A later limited version of the same toy was re-decoed to represent the Sega Genesis (as the Mega Drive was branded in North America). Mega Drive/Genesis Megatron was presented alongside a Sony PlayStation version of Optimus Prime.


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