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Megan Acorn
First appearance

Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog






Light brown, tan





  • Joss (father)
  • Maximillian Acorn (father-in-law)
  • Alicia Acorn (mother-in-law)
  • Sally Acorn (sister-in-law/roboticized)
  • Unnamed first husband †
  • Elias Acorn (husband)
  • Alexis Acorn (daughter)


Megan "Meg" Acorn is the wife of New Mobotropolis' ruler, King Elias Acorn, and the mother of his step-daughter Alexis. Because Meg is a commoner, she and any children she has with Elias are not eligible to rule the Kingdom of Acorn. This is okay with her, as she currently resides in New Mobotropolis with her family. 


Marriage to Elias

Meg was originally born and raised in a rural forest village in Feral Forest with her father; Joss, teaching her to be a strong-willed, courageous and self-sufficient individual. One day, a wandering traveler named Elias Acorn came to the village, and he and Meg developed feelings for each other. Meg fell in love with Elias, and agreed to marry him. Shortly before their daughter's birth, Elias' past finally caught up with him when Geoffrey St. John and Hershey the Cat crash-landed their plane nearby the village, having tracked Elias to that location and attacked by Dr. Eggman's E-100 series robots. Meg offered their home to the weary secret agents, but this led to them blowing Elias' cover. (StH#121)

Before Elias could take Meg away from the village, Eggman and his E-100 series machines attacked, taking them hostage, with Eggman ecstatic over not only capturing Elias' bride, but The King's grandchild as well. Thankfully Sonic the Hedgehog, Elias' sister Sally Acorn and the assembled villagers destroyed the E-100 army and drove Eggman away. Elias resolved to stay with Meg, and disclosed his past to her. Later, Meg gave birth to their child, who they named Alexis. (StH#121)

Later, when Sonic came to Elias to convince him to stop Sallys' marriage to Antoine D'Coolette (really Patch in disguise), Meg convinced her reluctant husband to do so after he refused, as the transaction of power could lead to treachery. When Elias arrived at Castle Acorn to announce his intention to take the throne, Patch, noting that Meg and Alexis did not accompany Elias, mentally planned to murder Elias, and later "dispose of" Meg and Alexis to ensure his succession to power. (StH#155#156)

New MobotropolisEdit

Meg and Alexis came to Knothole not only to reunite with Elias, but also attend the wedding of Antoine toBunnie Rabbot. The two were then captured when the Egg Fleet, at Eggman's command, destroyed Knothole in a massive assault and the population sent to the Egg Grape Chambers. While in captivity, Meg did her best to comfort her crying daughter, while at the same time bravely stared down Eggman in his rant about how inferior the House of Acorn had become, and, seeing Elias anguished over being called a weak and inferior king by Eggman, assured her husband she had married him for his strength and bravery. (StH#174#175,#176)

Meg and her family were sent (unintentionally) by Eggman to New Mobotropolis, where, with Nicole protecting them, Meg finally spent quality time with her husband. During Amadeus Prower's attempt for reform, Elias convinced Meg to take Alexis and allow herself to be secured by Nicole in the castles' nursery, so they would be spared any harm. Meg later left and joined the tea party in Elias' room when he and the rogue general were convinced by Sally to work out a deal: to create the Council of Acorn. (StH#177#178#179)

Personality Edit

Megan Acorn is a beautiful, gentle and loving individual, as evidenced by her behavior towards her husband and daughter. Though as a commoner turned queen she found herself surrounded by living legends, she felt that Knothole-and later New Mobotropolis-were the best places for her family to be. Though courageous, she recognizes the danger surrounding her family, and does her best to try and keep them together and safe.

Romance Edit

Meg met Elias some time after the death of her first husband, and the two quickly bonded. She is Elias' greatest supporter, encouraging him even when he doubts himself the most. She also dislikes being kept out of things, only agreeing to being left behind by her husband at his greatest insistence. Meg helps Elias to maintain his grip on things in their turbulent life, providing a calming and comforting influence even in the midst of their greatest difficulty. Though she doesn't always agree with Elias' decisions, she does her best to be there for him, and losing him as she did her first husband is one of her greatest fears.

Background Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Meg is a brown squirrel with green eyes and wavy brown hair. In her first appearance she was heavily pregnant and wore a simple long-sleeved dress in faded maroon. Later on she typically appears in a more regal dress in light blue or purple, sometimes with a small gold tiara and pearls. Her hair was parted in the middle and her bangs somewhat flared out to make the style more distinct. While her eyes are generally accepted as green, they're often coloured blue instead; similarly, her tail alternates between long and bushy or short and upturned. She was briefly seen in a pink nightgown; a sporty pink outfit with fuzzy trim, designed by artist Jeff Axer, was only briefly seen.

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