Megaman: The Wily Wars, released in Japan as Rockman Mega World, is a compilation developed by Capcom containing remakes of the first three Megaman games. It was only released on the Sega Mega Drive in Japan and Europe although it was available for a brief time on the Sega Channel in the United States. Besides improved graphics, the remakes did not have glitches found in the originals, such as the "pause-resume glitch" in the first two games and the controller 2 gitches in Megaman III. A save feature is included, Megaman can now be continued from a later point in the game, Megaman II and III lost the password feature as a result. There is no difficulty selection for Megaman II (it is set to "Difficult" by default). Upon beating the three games, a minigame exclusive to this cartridge called "Wily Tower" is unlocked. Megaman must be armed with any weapon recieved from any of the 24 Robot Masters and any support item such as Rush or an Energy Tank. Megaman then travels through three new stages with an all new Robot Master at the end of each. Megaman then faces Dr. Wily. Once Wily is beaten, the player can view the ending.

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