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"Grandpa's ok I guess... he taught me everything I know about using my sticks. But I wish he wasn't so old fashioned about things. He doesn't understand that a high-school girl's got to have time to have fun. He's always nagging that I should spend more time in the Kusanami-dojo and less time hanging out with the Orchids. I just let him talk, then I go and do what I want. After all, since my mom ran off to America with that lawyer, I'm all the family he's got. What's he gonna do, disinherit me?"

Lisa Kusanami (草波 リサ?) is a character from the fighting game Last Bronx, and the 17 year old drum playing leader of the international high school rock band gang, the Orchids. She wields a pair of metal hanbo in combat.


The granddaughter of the master of the Kusanami line of martial arts, her mother, the next intended successor of the school, fell in love with her surrogate father, an American lawyer, and left a young Lisa after the disastrous bubble crash in Japan for a wealthy life in the United States. From this, her grandfather soon placed it upon Lisa to become the next successor. While raised in a strict upbringing and training regiment in the Kusanami family line, Lisa desires something else, having formed the Orchids to help vent her frustrations creatively and to avoid the pressures of her grandfather in turn.