Let's Go Island
Let's Go Island: Lost On the Island of Tropics
is a Sega arcade game that was released in the mid-2011. It's a sequel to Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice.


Taking place on a Pacific island, the protagonists are a goofball New Zealander guide called Zack and a nerdy Canadian girl called Beth. While on a tour, their tour boat collides with another boat with a small group of pirates landing on the boat and are being chased by sharks after landing in the sea, there the captain is killed by a giant squid. But they manage to escape from it, they must go to the airport in order to get off the island, when they get airport the pilot demands to "to show them what they have" mistaken them for the pirates. But the plane gets attacked by a giant queen bee. After defeating the giant queen bee, they are kidnapped by the leader of pirates, and dives in the water and is forced to retrieve the treasure, which the leader was told by the pilot. After retrieving the treasure, the can that had jewels in it had nothing in it, the leader flies into a rage and kicks a Green Leaves barrel filled with the chemicals, which somehow he stole. The chemicals spread to a field of coral creating a giant monster. After the monster throws them near the plane's crash site, they manage to kill the monster, by shooting it with a firework into its mouth. When they blow up the monster, it rains gold, which came from the monster when they it blew up. The two then began to start a relationship.

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