Last Bronx​ (ラストブロンクス -東京番外地- Last Bronx ~Tokyo Bangaichi~?) is a 3D fighting game developed by Sega AM3 on the Sega Model 2 mainboard. This is one of the first motion captured weapon fighting game released in Japanese game centers in 1996, the other was Soul Edge.

Home versions, shortened to Last Bronx, were produced for contemporary Sega game console and Windows systems. In Japan, the Last Bronx was novelized and serialized into comics and radio drama. A VHS video documenting the motion capture process used for the game and introducing the characters was released in 1996. A year later, Takashi Shimizu directed the live-action movie (V-Cinema). On June 29, 2006, Sega released Tokyo Bangaichi on PlayStation 2 as a tenth anniversary celebration.


Set in Japan around the early ninties, Last Bronx takes place in a more disastrous telling of the early 1990's bubble boom and crash in Japan, where its stock market crash was more akin to an economic depression, and its wake giving rise to a huge wave of gang warfare and criminal violence amongst Japan's youth and juveniles.

Tokyo was riding high on the tsunami of global economic supremacy when the bubble broke in 1991. Then things fell apart. Hundred billion yen building complexes were left half-finished, and salarymen started having instant ramen for lunch as the slush-money supplies dried up. And slowly, the hidden Japan began to emerge, crawling in from the shadows on the outskirts of town. Bōsōzokus and Yakuzas; loan sharks and slave-traders: Doomsday cults, madmen and thieves.

Those were the days of the First All-Tokyo Street War where young gangs met and dashed and slid into run down streets, slick with their own blood. Then a single crew of unstoppable bōsōzokus appeared to put an end to the violence and bloodshed. Through fair-handed dealings and iron-fisted fighting skills, the Soul Crew gang blazed a path for the future of Tokyo's young...

...until, under circumstances still riddled with doubt and accusations, the leader of the Soul Crew was viciously killed. The tenuous balance of power was thrown out of whack, and every street tribe with pride, dreams or ambition felt the shock wave of his fall like to call to arms. The Second All-Tokyo Street War was ignited.

At the height of the fighting, an ominously worded challenge to the leaders of the toughest gangs appeared in graffiti scrawls all over Tokyo.

Fellow Citizens:

We all grow weary of this bitter strife. And so now I call on each of you in the name of peace. You all know how useless these recent squabbles are. I have a modest proposal to remedy this unfortunate situation: I call for a fighting tournament, solely between the chosen leaders of each worthy gang. A decisive battle that will spare the lives of the young while settling the question of which group has the power to rule Tokyo. Of course the fights will be held in secrecy, and the results will not be made public. This is a 'Into Clash Of The Gangs' And fight for Honor not Fame.

A Final Word:

I regret that under no circumstances can a refusal to participate be accepted. In the event that any of you do not attend, I will make arrangements to have flowers sent to the funeral. I look forward to meeting each of you at the appointed hour."


Several of the recipients of this peculiar challenge shrugged it off as a practical joke or thought it was a trap set by a rival gang. However, when members off their crews were found dead in Tokyo bay, the truth of its warning became very clear, and the gang-bosses were forced to accept the Redrum challenge.

There will be no RSVPs to the Last Bronx.