Larcen Tyler
EternalChampions PortraitLarcen sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Ex-Cat Burglar
Timezone 1920 A.D.
Fighting Style Praying Mantis Kung-Fu
Stage Location Chicago Theater

Larcen Tyler is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


An ex-cat burglar from 1920s Chicago, who worked for a Chicago mob. As a practitioner of the praying mantis fist (tanglangquan), he carried out many jobs for his boss, Mr Taglalini, though he refused to kill. One day, he received a mission: to plant false evidence in the hospital room of a rival crime boss; however, upon arriving Larcen found not a rival crime lord, but the Chief of Police.

Realizing the package was a bomb, he attempted to throw it out the window but was not fast enough. The blast killed Larcen, the Police Chief, and most of the people in the hospital. He is the main protagonist of the spin-off game, Chicago Syndicate.

Fighting Style

This southern style of Kung-Fu was founded in the 17th century by Wang Lang. The system relies heavily on fierce grasping movements, clawing attacks, kicks and punches for both offense and defense. Legend has it that Wang Lang once captured a praying mantis. took it home and studied it. He then combined the movements of the mantis with monkey style Kung-Fu to form his new system.


When Larcen returned, he quickly threw the bomb out the window. Larcen was captured by a couple of policeman standing guard around the hospitalized police chief. Larcen was brought to the chief's room. The chief was so impressed with Larcen's bravery that he made him a member of the special government task force against organized crime. After months of prep work, the task force took down Mr.Taglalini and his organization. Larcen went on to head of the task force which eventually widened its scope to include international cartels. This task force was responsible for eliminating organized crime forever.

Stage Theme

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