Kid Chameleon
Developer(s) STI
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s) NA May 28, 1992
JP May 29, 1992
EU 1992
AUS 1992
Genre(s) Platform
Players Single-player, Multiplayer
Media Cartridge, Digital download
Input Mega Drive controller, Nintendo Wii Remote, Wii Classic Controller
System Mega Drive/Genesis, Virtual Console Wii
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Kid Chameleon (カメレオン キッド Kamereon Kiddo, Literally translated as Chameleon Kid) is a 1992 platform game for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, developed by Sega Technical Institute and published by Sega.


The player, as Kid Chameleon, progresses through a series of levels, containing an array of deadly enemies and obstacles. Most levels contain a flag, which is the primary goal of each level, from which the player progresses to the next level. However, a number of teleporters throughout the game can warp the player not only to different places in the same level, but also to different levels, and sometimes to an entirely different path through the game. At the end of the game, Kid fights and defeats the final boss, Heady Metal. Kid Chameleon contains 103 levels, of which only about half are on the "main path" (traversing levels only by flags), and also counts 32 smaller unnamed levels, simply called "Elsewhere". Despite the game's considerable length, there was no password system or other method of saving the game (although re-releases in compilations and Virtual Console include their own save features). There are several bonuses that can be earned at the end of certain levels (in which the flag is touched), including beating a time limit, not getting hit and not collecting any prizes.

As Kid Chameleon moves through the game's levels, he gains access to masks that transform him into different characters. Each character has different special abilities and varying amounts of hit points. Collecting a mask that the player is already wearing will restore its health. The sheer amount of variety in gameplay due to the various characters is part of what gave Kid Chameleon such an addictive style; few levels repeated the same structure and they usually had specific strategies and characters to be beaten. In addition to the offensive abilities of each form, the Kid could also defeat enemies by jumping on them, although he may take damage from some enemies by doing so. Each form can also make use of Diamond Powers which require diamonds collected in the game to use, accessed by pressing A + Start. Players lose a life if Kid Chameleon loses all his hit points in human form, is crushed, falls into bottomless pits or lava or touches the drill wall which appears in certain levels, or if time runs out. Extra lives and continues can be found in the game, with additional lives awarded for every 50,000 points. Source: Wikipedia


  • Kid Chameleon – If Kid runs out of hit points while wearing any other mask, he reverts to this form. In this form he can grab onto ledges to pull himself up.
  • Iron Knight – The Iron Knight is the most durable character, able to take more hits than any other character. He also has the ability to scale vertical walls. He is heavy enough to break through some floors. His 50-diamond power is especially useful, adding an extra hit point to the hit point total. The extra hit point remains through any transformations, lasting until the character is killed.
  • Red Stealth – A samurai who can defeat enemies and break through some floors with his sword. He is faster-moving (except Skycutter) and able to jump higher than any of the other characters.
  • Berzerker – This character can charge through walls or foes.
  • Maniaxe – Modeled after Jason Voorhees, Maniaxe throws axes steadily in a straight line.
  • Juggernaut – A wide tank that shoots skulls, which bounce forward and ricochet until they disappear.
  • MicroMax – A fly able to stick to walls and is half the size of the other characters, able to fit in small places, but walks slowly.
  • EyeClops – Can temporarily reveal hidden blocks and fire a harmful beam for a low diamond cost.
  • Cyclone – A superhero who can spin like a tornado and fly.
  • Skycutter – Can reverse gravity with his hoverboard.Source: Wikipedia

Comic AdaptionEdit

In early 1993, Kid Chameleon gained his own comic strip in the new Fleetway publication Sonic the Comic. The first strip ran from issues 7–12 and featured Casey entering the Wildside to rescue his friend Suzy, with a disembodied presence known as "The Voice" giving him advice and encouragement. Through each issue he changed into one of the different personas: Red Stealth, Eyeclops, Micromax, Berzerker and finally Iron Knight, before his Chameleon powers ran out and he had to take down a powerful enemy as his normal self. While he and Suzy escaped Wildside, the story ended with Casey discovering local school bully Brad was also trapped in Wildside. In issues 54–59 he returned again to rescue Brad, this time turning into Skycutter, Juggernaut, Maniaxe and Cyclone. Here he discovered that The Voice had a more sinister agenda and was keeping children from all over the world prisoner in the Islecatraz gulag, using Brad as warden. Casey, as Cyclone, destroyed Islecatraz and freed everyone from Wildside, but when it became clear only one more person could escape, Brad sacrificed himself as penance for his sins so Casey could escape. The ending was ambiguous, with a showdown being threatened between Casey and The Voice, but Fleetway did not produce any more strips. Source: Wikipedia

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