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Kenseiden (剣聖伝) is an action role-playing video game released for the Sega Master System in 1988.


Each round represents one of the old Japanese provinces. In the Korean version of the game the rounds represent locations of Korea. After round 2, the player can choose any one of the nearest levels in the map. The player can go back to any level at any time after finishing it, except the final level.

(Original version)(Korean version)
1Higo (肥後)Duman (두만)The starting level.
2Chikuzen (筑前)Cheonji (천지)Contains boss one: Fire Wheel Warlock, based on Wanyūdō.
3Nagato (長門)Haedong (해동)
4Iyo (伊予)Amnok (압록)Contains boss two: Benkei Warlock.
5Tosa (土佐)Cheongcheon (청천)Contains the first training stage.
6Izumo (出雲)Daedong (대동)Contains the second training stage.
7Settsu (摂津)Seorak (설악)
8Yamato (大和)Usan (우산)Contains the third training stage.
9Kaga (加賀)Hanyang (한양)Contains boss three: Larva Fly Warlock.
10Iga (伊賀)Andong (안동)Contains boss four: Two-Headed Warlock.
11Owari (尾張)Mungyeong (문경)
12Etchu (越中)Sabi (사비)
13Suruga (駿河)Geumgwan (금관)Contains boss five: Putrid Eye Warlock.
14Echigo (越後)Tamna (탐라)Contains the fourth training stage.
15Mito (水戸)Yeongsan (영산)Contains boss six: Death Head Warlock.
16Edo (江戸)Gyeongju (경주)The final level with the final boss: Yonensai: The Master Warlock.

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