Jetta Maxx
EternalChampions PortraitJetta sprite
Vital statistics
Occupation Circus Acrobat
Timezone 1899 A.D.
Fighting Style Savate / Pencak Silat
Stage Location South China Sea

Jetta Maxx is a character from the game Eternal Champions.


A young Russian woman from the year 1899, who abandoned her originally aristocratic lifestyle to become a circus acrobat and travel the world, in the process learning savate and pencak silat. Targeted by a Chinese Boxer revolutionary, she died after her sabotaged tightrope and safety net snapped, causing her to fall to her death. The manual mentions her as being a cousin of Czar Nicholas II.

Fighting Style

Savate: Originating in France, savate, with its foot and fist fighting style, emphasizes front side and round kicks to the knee, shin and instep. The hands are kept open and low to defend against groin kicks. Palm and heel strikes are used to attack the face, nose and eyes. Street fighters who practiced the art introduced both mid-level and high-level kicks.

Pencak Silat: Pencak Silat, the national fighting art of Indonesia, dates back to the 6th century A.D. By the 14th century, the form was the polished property of the nobility, and commoners were barred from learning its tactics. Baru Silat, the Sumatran form, employs hand actions to block, parry and cover.


When Jetta returned, she quickly flipped off the high wire onto the safety of the platform. The saboteur left the grandstand and tried to escape. He was later captured by the imperial guards. Embarrassed by the incident, the Chinese government pressured the extremist groups to turn to more peaceful negotiations. China was then able to settle on a peace plan that would give them full democratic control of their country. After these changes were in place, Jetta returned to Russia. Without the threat of war, the Czar was able to focus his attention on the homeland. Instead of fighting the Socialists, the Czar negotiated a government similar to the one in England.

Stage Theme

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