Jet as on the cover of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravitiy

Jet is the leader of the Babylon Rogues consisting of himself,Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatroos: a talented group of thieves with a mysterious past and amazing extreme gear skills. With Sonic claiming to be the fastest thing on universe, Jet would like nothing more than to beat him in a extreme gear race.


Sonic RidersEdit

Jet made his debut in the Nintendo GameCube game Sonic Riders in which Dr. Eggman first tells him of Sonic being know for being "The fastest creature of the Universe!"

Dr. Eggman creates a grand prix where each contestent had to give in a chaos emerald

Sonic Rider Zero Gravity Edit

In sonic riders zero gravity jet appears along with wave and storm looking for the arks of the cosmos. Jet,wave and storm are all playable by selecting the babylon story.

Jet races sonic near the end in the babylon story to win all of the arks of the cosmos

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