Jackle is a nightmaren card magician from NiGHTS into Dreams... He looks like a bodiless bat in a ca



He can speak, but only has one line in the whole game.

He has a high-pitched laugh. He is also called "insane" by many fans, most likely because of his rather childish boss room, his weird unusual theme song, his insane laughter and crazy grin.

When his cape is removed, he still has no body whatsoever, but his hands and feet are clearer.

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He is a boss only from NiGHTS into dreams. He is a second level nightmaren. Your supposed to defeat him by removing his cape by dashing into him (because it make him invincible) then attack him. He will make a beeline for his cape so go up between him, and the cape to stop him. He fights by throwing sharp cards at you. His theme song is called The Mantle. It plays during the boss fight.

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