Honey the Cat is a cat character that was scrapped from Sonic Championship (also known as Sonic the Fighters). She was a yellow cat with navy black hair, and a red dress. Although she was scrapped, her data still exists in the arcade version of the game. When you do 2-player mode on Sonic the Fighters, the 2 people that are playing it have a choice of which character they want to choose, and, if they both choose the same character, the person that chose that character second will get a grayscale version of that character, but with Honey she has two different versions so if you chose her second she will have blonde hair, a blue dress and pink fur. (The pink, blonde haired, and blue-dressed one is her mirror version). The mirror Honey is a pink skinned, blonde haired, and blue dressed version of Honey,  The Mirror Honey  appeared in the Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers. The Mirror Honey also has blue colored hairband, normal Honey has a red hairband.


  • Honey has only appeared in the prototype Sonic the Fighters.
  • Honey has wings on her back, which gives her ability to glide.
  • Honey normally has pigtails, and a tail, but they don't come due to a glitch.

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