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Title Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls
Studio TMS Entertainment
Licensed by Discotek Media
Original run October 8, 2014 – December 24, 2014
Episodes 13

Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls (Hi☆sCoool! セハガール Hai Sukūru SeHa Gāru) is an anime based on the SeHa Girls franchise, which was aired in Japan from October 8, 2014 to December 24, 2014. It was streamed internationally with subtitles on Crunchyroll, and has been licensed for home video distribution in North America by Discotek Media.



Main charactersEdit

  • Center-sensei

Unvoiced cameosEdit


Japanese Voice Actor Role
Mao Ichimichi Dreamcast
Minami Takahashi Sega Saturn
Shiori Izawa Mega Drive
Yuji Naka Center-sensei





Key imagesEdit


Hi☆sCoool! セハガール OPテーマ「セハガガガンバッちゃう!!」(TVサイズ)PV01:00

Hi☆sCoool! セハガール OPテーマ「セハガガガンバッちゃう!!」(TVサイズ)PV

Hi☆sCoool! セハガール EDテーマ「若い力 -SEGA HARD GIRLS MIX-」(TVサイズ)PV01:00

Hi☆sCoool! セハガール EDテーマ「若い力 -SEGA HARD GIRLS MIX-」(TVサイズ)PV

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